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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a breakthrough idea?

A breakthrough idea is an emerging technology, care delivery process, organizational model, incentive, or policy that, if scaled, could bring about societal-level change, reduce costs, and improve quality.

What does designing provider incentives mean?

The aim of this event is to shed light on how the design of incentives can motivate provider behaviors that would lead to improved health outcomes. We are looking for the right levers to influence the health-related decisions that take place between a clinician and a patient, to make significant strides towards the triple aim. To date, what little has been done has largely focused on consumer and patient behaviors, particularly through participation in wellness programs or treatment adherence. We hope this discussion will examine the potential and limitations of behavioral economics to influence clinician behaviors.

What will happen with my idea?

Selected ideas will be shared with GHDonline's community of over 17,000 health care professionals. Ideas will be reviewed by our Expert Advisors, and those with the greatest potential will be featured in a joint report from GHDonline and the Commonwealth Fund.

Who owns my idea?

Ideas, like all content shared on GHDonline, are subject to our Terms of Use and licensed under Creative Commons. If you have concerns about the intellectual property of your idea, we encourage you to contact us before submitting.

What is a Keynote speaker?

During the week of December 7-11, our Keynote Speakers will share their thoughts on designing provider incentives in a series of short video interviews.

What is an Advisor?

Advisors are leading experts in their fields who will be reviewing ideas and sharing their perspective and expertise throughout the event.

Why am I getting a daily email?

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