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Submissions for new ideas have closed, but we encourage you to review the Keynote Speaker videos and breakthrough ideas submitted during the event.

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What does designing provider incentives mean?

During this Breakthrough Opportunities Event, the GHDonline community will share and discuss a vast array of novel ideas for designing provider incentives to promote higher-value health care and improved health outcomes.

Keynote Speaker Kevin Volpp will share his latest work on how lessons from behavioral economics and psychology can be leveraged to develop design principles for financial and nonfinancial provider incentives.

Share your breakthrough ideas for provider incentives and discuss these innovative approaches with 17,000 health care professionals on GHDonline.

Keynote Speakers

During the week of December 7–11, our Keynote Speakers will share their thoughts on designing provider incentives in a series of short video interviews. View all Keynote videos.

Nikola Biller-Andorno

Nikola Biller-Andorn, MD, PhD

What is a breakthrough opportunity?

Breakthrough Opportunity: n. An emerging idea for a different way that technologies, care delivery processes, organizational models, incentives, or policies could, if scaled, bring about societal-level change, reduce costs, and improve quality.

For example...

  • Leveraging patient-collected data on activity levels, mood, treatment adherence, etc. to develop a monitoring and early-warning system for providers to recommend targeted, timely, interventions.
  • A policy that establishes financial incentives for virtual visits, stimulating innovation and adoption of this practice and allowing patients to more easily consult with specialists and manage their care.

David Blumenthal, MD, MPP, President of the Commonwealth Fund