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A new app for nutritional assessment & counselling of patients with TB

By Madhukar Pai Moderator | 24 Mar, 2018

On World TB Day, the Center for Nutrition Studies, Yenepoya University, India, in association with McGill International TB Centre, Canada, released N-TB, an android mobile based application for the nutritional assessment and counselling of adult patients with TB.

The N-TB is the first of its kind app for healthcare providers. It enables the classification of the nutritional status of the patient by calculating the body mass index (BMI). If the BMI is very low, it red-flags this and provides an overview of management of severe undernutrition. The app also provides the weight gain required during treatment to achieve a desirable weight, and the recommended daily caloric and protein intake . It has counselling tips on diet with an emphasis on the value of locally available foods in contrast to costly nutritional supplements, activity and lifestyle.

The app, freely downloadable (at no cost) via Google Play, is endorsed by the Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme and WHO India, was included in the new initiatives unveiled by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the Delhi End TB Summit on March 13th 2018.

For additional details, please contact Dr Anurag Bhargava (a member of our community).

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