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A practical guide to global point of care testing

By Steven Badman | 14 Jun, 2018

Hi All
This week I was fortunate to be able to give a 30-minute presentation at the (McGill) Global Health Diagnostics workshop. The title of that presentation was "Using implementation science to enhance point of care (POC) tests".
Giving this presentation reminded me that a relatively new publication is also available which may help others who are looking to implement POC testing in their own backyard.
The title of the book is "A practical guide to global point of care testing" and includes contributions from a range of well known global academics and POC practitioners.
I have posted a link to this comprehensive resource given it relates to different settings (including LMIC) and disease types.

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Jennifer Day Replied at 10:09 AM, 14 Jun 2018

This resource is great, although one must purchase. Could you share the 30-minute presentation you gave at McGill?
thank you.

Cameron Martin Replied at 9:58 PM, 14 Jun 2018

Hi Jennifer & Group

As one of the people involved, I was proud to be associated with this work. I know many of the other contributors personally, including the editor, and we all had the same aims - to give people the basic information so that they could repeat what we had done, in their own way, in their own backyards.

Don't feel bad about purchasing, the CSIRO is a not for profit Australian government owned research and development agency, all profits go back to scientific research. This is the same group who brought you AA spectroscopy and WiFi amongst other things.


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