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Clinical Bacteriology is essential for non-malarial febrile illness and AMR

By Cedric Yansouni | 11 Mar, 2018

Dear colleagues,

Classical bacteriology techniques are a frequently neglected area of diagnostics discussion because of their perceived lack of feasibility. The crisis of AMR is particularly acute in LRS, but remains relatively undocumented and underappreciated in many areas because of lack of diagnostics. Indeed, the difficulties in choosing reliable empiric therapy for patients with suspected bacterial illnesses - such as the 10% of hospitalized patients who develop healthcare -associated infections in LMIC- and the critical need to identify patients in whom antibiotics are not required mean that bacteriology testing for NMFI in LRS can no longer be regarded as optional.

Following the thread "Growing importance of multi-disease testing in global health", please see the publication below, which highlights some practical solutions for implementation of bacteriology in LRS, pending more sophisticated tools:

Ombelet, Ronat, et al; Clinical bacteriology in low-resource settings: today’s solutions; Ombelet, Ronat, et al.

Cedric Yansouni



Biswaroop Chatterjee Replied at 1:29 AM, 12 Mar 2018

Dear Dr. Yansouni,

Thanks very much for sharing this very important article.

Kind regards.

Biswaroop Chatterjee

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