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Closure of this community and launch of an alternative

By Madhukar Pai Moderator | 04 Dec, 2018

Dear community members,

We are writing to follow up on the notice you may have received that GHDonline.org will become a static site the week of 10 December 2018.

GHDonline launched in 2008 with the goal of connecting global health professionals with vital evidence and expertise. Over time, 24,000+ members joined the community from 185 countries to support and learn from one another, from the moderators, and from 75 Expert Panels.

While it is sad that GHDonline will close the communities this month, we have worked on an alternative plan to continue this active, dynamic community on global health diagnostics.

Please visit this new community, created on a platform called Discourse: https://www.ghdxonline.org/

To create an account, start new discussions and post material, follow these instructions:

1. Go to www.ghdxonline.org.
2. Click on “Sign up” (top right).
3. Enter your information, and click “Create new account”.
4. You will receive an email from “Global Health Diagnostics” with the header “[Global Health Diagnostics] Confirm your new account” – click on the confirmation link and follow the instructions.
5. PROFILE: To add a profile picture, bio, etc., click on your account (a letter at the top right, then the cog wheel).
6. POSTING: To post, click on “+ New topic” (on the right, below the Welcome message). Your post will become visible once approved by a moderator.

We hope all of you will migrate to this new community, and continue the discussions around global health diagnostics!

Best regards

Your moderators

(Madhukar Pai, Catharina Boehme, Sonjelle Shilton, Jim Gallarda)



Erica Lessem Replied at 6:10 PM, 4 Dec 2018

Dear Madhu,
Thank you and the co-moderators for your time and effort to facilitate this
excellent platform for sharing questions and ideas. I am really pleased to
see that there is an alternative with www.ghdxonline.org and encourage all
to switch over to that platform!

I also wanted to note that, for those on the list that have appreciated
updates from TAG, I would also suggest subscribing to our TB/HIV listserv.
You can join the group at the following link:
https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/tbhiv/join. Your join request will
be forwarded to the owner/managers of the group for approval. Once
approved, you will be able to receive emails through the listserv.

And for staying up on TB news, you can subscribe for updates from
http://www.tbonline.info (Look for the box where it asks you to enter your
email address to subscribe.) The site also has opportunity to comment below
posts, though it is not a moderated forum as GHDonline has been.

Please let me know if you have any issues.

All the best,

Madhukar Pai Moderator Replied at 5:23 AM, 7 Dec 2018

Hi All,

A gentle reminder that this community will go silent on December 10th.

We have already launched an alternative community at Discourse: https://www.ghdxonline.org/

Kindly visit the site, sign up and contribute!



This Community is Archived.

This community is no longer active as of December 2018. Thanks to those who posted here and made this information available to others visiting the site.