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Fixing methods for MGIT culture smear

By Ranjan Perera | 09 Jul, 2019

In our laboratory when we make smears from MGIT positive cultures, they get washed off completely during staining. We use a heat block and fix for two hours at 75 degrees. But it does not seem to help. We have tried formal milk before but it did not work as well. What could be the problem? (We clean the slices prior to use to make sure no oil residuals are present).

What other fixatives do you use in your laboratories?

Please help.



Mengistu Tadesse Replied at 10:16 PM, 9 Jul 2019


Kishore Reddy VC Replied at 12:27 AM, 10 Jul 2019

Hi please try with 2% to 5% Bovine albumin as a fixative


*Dr. Kishore Reddy VC.** PhD*
* Microbiologist*
International Center for Excellence in Laboratory Training-ICELT

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