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Help regarding Point of care devices for infectious and non infectious diseases


HI, I am preparing a project on using Artificial Intelligence/Machine learning to predict the onset of diseases (both infectious and non-infectious) and also the progression of diseases in India. I am seeking help from esteemed members who can help me identify various Point of Care devices that can be used to collect data from villages of India regarding various communicable and non-communicable diseases.
The constraints are
1. The data will be collected by Village level workers( ASHA) so the POCT should be easy to train and handle.
2.Should work on battery or electric power.

My email id is basava.ias@gmail. com. Please let me know if any POCT's I can use for my project. Thanking you. Purushottam.



Steven Badman Replied at 5:16 PM, 23 Jan 2018

Hi Purushottom
In a reply, are you able to list which diseases you want to detect at the POC?
This may help others decide which devices are appropriate for your setting.

Maria Ma Replied at 5:26 PM, 23 Jan 2018

Hi Purushottom,
Would it be possible for you to work with Medic Mobile (https://medicmobile.org/) on something like this? They are a mobile platform for CHWs, so might also have the information you're looking for.


ARUN KUMAR Replied at 10:04 PM, 23 Jan 2018

Hi Purushottam,
Molbio Diagnostics launched a such innovative product based on molecular diagnostics and really point of care.The device can be connect to any server by using WiFi/Enable sim card . Please refer the link below.

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Jeffrey Baker Replied at 4:33 AM, 24 Jan 2018

Good day. I thought I would reach out on this as well. I am a consultant specializing in point of care diagnostics. I consult to many POC manufacturers as well as other stakeholders in this space and I would be pleased to speak with you about this topic,

Mark Miller Replied at 7:25 AM, 24 Jan 2018

Dear Purushottam,
bioMérieux has a particularly strong offering in POC syndromic panels via our BioFire FilmArray products.
They are attached here for your information.
They can be connected to give real-time information on pathogen detection, as we are doing in a pilot project in the USA. Such data can be seen on our TREND website which tracks both respiratory and GI pathogens from results of the FilmArray panels in the connected centers.
TREND website: https://syndromictrends.com/metric/panel/respiratory/percent_positivity/organ...

We sell FilmArray machines and panels in India, and we have had various discussions with Impact India and the Lifeline Express to install such machines rurally in order to gauge the epidemiology of infectious diseases in rural India, but they have not followed through with the projects.
The equipment works on electricity but can easily work on a backup battery attached between the wall socket and the machine. The runs are only an hour, so you only need a short-duration battery backup if the electrical power fails.
Happy to discuss more with you, if you want.

All the best and good luck,

Mark Miller
Corporate VP; Chief Medical Officer

Tel: +33 (0)4 78 87 54 54
Mobile: +33 (0)6 01 07 36 95
Fax: +33 (0)4 78 87 76 70

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