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Improving the Accessibility and Efficiency of POC Dx in LMICs: Lean and Agile Supply Chain Management

By Madhukar Pai Moderator | 30 Nov, 2017

This is a useful new article focusing on characteristics of the supply chain management for POC diagnostics services.

URL: http://www.mdpi.com/2075-4418/7/4/58



Supply Chain



Wycklife Owuor Replied at 1:11 AM, 2 Dec 2017

Thanks for this

Tivani Mashamba-Thompson Replied at 2:03 AM, 2 Dec 2017

Dear Prof Pai,

Thank you for uploading this review. We hope that it will reach the POC diagnostics implementers globally. Most POC tests are deveopled in high income countries for use in LMICs, therefore insuring effeiciency of their supply chain has potential help improve accessibility of the tests to end users in LMICs.

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