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Longitude Prize seed funding available for AMR POC diagnostics

By Sarah Bailey | 10 Mar, 2017

Hello all,

For those working in the AMR diagnostics space, the Longitude Prize - a UK-based but global challenge prize - has seed funding available. Please see further details below.

The Longitude Prize is a five-year challenge with a £10 million prize fund to reward a competitor that can develop a transformative point–of–care diagnostic test that will conserve antibiotics for future generations.

We launched the Discovery Awards seed funding programme in May 2016, to support promising ideas in their journey to be developed and potentially win the Prize. Discovery Awards are seed grants of between £10,000 and £25,000 each to support existing teams to further develop ideas, and encourage new innovators into the race. The first round saw a total of 12 winners from a total fund of £200K.

A second round of funding opened for applications in January 2017, funded by Merck USD, with a total fund of £250K.

The closing date for applications: Midnight BST, 21 April 2017. Find out more at www.longitudeprize.org/DiscoveryAwards or email .

Both the Discovery Awards seed funding and the main Longitude Prize are open to applications from anyone, anywhere in the world.

Please feel free to share far and wide with anyone you feel may be interested and eligible.

Many thanks!
Sarah Bailey
Assistant Programme Manager, Longitude Prize


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