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Multiplex Respiratory Virus Testing for Antimicrobial Stewardship

By Madhukar Pai Moderator | 19 Nov, 2017

Hi All,

Here is an interesting study on whether testing for multiple respiratory viruses (12 virus panel) influences physician behaviour with respect to antimicrobial use.

Influenza virus positivity was associated with shorter duration of hospitalization and appropriate antiviral management. But positivity for viruses other than influenza virus was not correlated with significantly different outcomes.

Clearly, behaviour change is complex and testing alone might not result in better antibiotic stewardship. We have seen this in other areas such as malaria and TB.





Makeda Semret Replied at 3:46 PM, 19 Nov 2017

Thanks for posting Madhu
yes, behaviour change is complex, but also the significance of some of these results (at least for resp virus panels) can/should legitimately be questioned.
For stewardship purposes, it would be great to combine the tests that can detect pathogens with tests that can confidently rule out bacterial coinfection..


Sandeep Saluja Replied at 9:00 PM, 19 Nov 2017

While we need to urgently make better technology available and new diagnostic tests ,we also need to educate clinicians.In this regard,diagnostics lags behind pharma industry.The pharma industry takes pains to educate clinicians about new drugs even before they are out.

However,there is need to project unbiased information and I would again urge GHD to host educational webinars on new diagnostics.I

LAKSHMI VEMU Replied at 11:45 PM, 19 Nov 2017

Dear Dr. Saluja,

That would be a very good way of educating clinicians on what tests to
order and the right way of interpretation.
As you are aware, several assays that are redundant or not applicable are
being used without any indications.
I definitely support your valuable suggestion.

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