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A free TB resource for primary care providers

By Madhukar Pai | 07 Jan, 2018


I am happy to share the 3rd Edition of Let's Talk TB, a free, online book, that aims to provide primary care providers with the most relevant information on how to diagnose and manage tuberculosis.

URL: http://www.letstalktb.org/

Globally, we know that 40% of the 10+ million patients with TB do not get diagnosed or notified. In large part, this is because primary care providers, usually the first point of contact for most patients with TB, have little or no training in TB care, and are rarely engaged by TB care programs. Thus, to reach the missing millions with TB, we must engage, educate and incentivize GPs and private practitioners. Education is an early, key step in engagement. With this in mind, in 2014, the first edition of Let's Talk TB was published online. This modest booklet contained 5 chapters on how to diagnose and treat TB.

The third edition, released in 2018, has grown to include a total of 18 chapters, contributed by 20 experts and authors from many countries. The goal remains the same: to educate primary care providers on the best practices in TB diagnosis, treatment and follow-up. All articles are richly illustrated, and most include quizzes and CME questions for self learning. The 3rd edition includes new chapters on MDR-TB, adverse effects of TB drugs, adherence monitoring strategies, and nutritional support. There is also content on how to manage children with TB, care for patients co-infected with TB and HIV, how to read and interpret chest x-rays, and how to avoid common pitfalls in TB management.

Blog post with more details: https://naturemicrobiologycommunity.nature.com/users/20892-madhukar-pai/posts...

By making the book free access, the authors and the publisher hope to make a positive contribution to improving quality of TB care at the primary care level, and hope the book will be widely read and shared.

Please do forward this to primary care providers you know!

Thanks and best wishes for 2018




Elias Onyoh Replied at 12:10 AM, 8 Jan 2018

Thanks a lot, Prof. Pai for sharing with us this book (Let's Talk TB). This is a very relevant resource to all who are involved in TB care.

Ahishakiye Alain Replied at 12:25 AM, 8 Jan 2018

Thank you. Well received.

Best regards,
Dr Alain Ahishakiye

Le 8 janv. 2018 7:23 AM, "Elias Onyoh via GHDonline" <> a
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Miguelhete Lisboa Replied at 3:29 AM, 8 Jan 2018

Professor Pai,

Thanks for sharing this excellent and helpful resource.
When I saw the book I remembered one of the articles you punlished last year ny which you were asking the contribution of being an author of a book or article versus availability of the information to those really need and ontime.

For sure, this year (2018) should be the year of high commitment like never before on TB training of GP and other frontline cadres.

Thanks for all others,

Miguelhete LISBOA

Sunday Chinenye Replied at 5:13 AM, 8 Jan 2018

Thanks Dr Madhukar for sharing this free resource on TB diagnosis and treatment especially for low resource settings . We will find it very useful in Africa.
Let me point out that nothing was documented about Diabetes detection and treatment among TB patients . Am sure you are aware that the burden of DM is high among TB patients especially in our LMICs and we also need to include that when engaging the primary care providers . Do you have any resource on that ?
Kind Regards,
Sunny Chinenye

Azuka Ike Replied at 5:47 AM, 8 Jan 2018

Dear Prof,

Thanks for the information on the book Let's talk TB.

NIRMAL GHIMIRE Replied at 9:22 AM, 8 Jan 2018

what are the regimens for treating disseminated tuberculosis with TB
meningitis in patients with acute kidney injury and liver failure as a part
of MODS.?.
its seroisly challenging task to choose .. hope for genuine regimens..

ABEBE MEGERSO ADLO Replied at 6:27 AM, 9 Jan 2018

Thank you for the resource. I will share it with all those whom I think
deserve it.

Thank you

Luunga Ziko Replied at 9:26 AM, 30 Jan 2018

Thank you very much for the sharing, very helpful.

patrick nachipo Replied at 7:02 AM, 1 Feb 2018

thanks alot for sharing this

Stephen Muleshe Replied at 9:22 PM, 1 Feb 2018

Very useful resource


Dr. Stephen K. Muleshe
National TB, Leprosy and Lung Disease Program
Ministry of Health, Kenya
Email: <> /
Skype: stephen.muleshe

ABEBE MEGERSO ADLO Replied at 12:33 AM, 2 Feb 2018

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