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Now available: List of countries eligible for bedaquiline $400 price

By Erica Lessem | 18 Aug, 2019

*Apologies for cross-posting*

Many of you may be aware that last year, Janssen announced a price
reduction for its drug-resistant TB medicine, bedaquiline, to USD $400 for
a six-month course. Now, finally, the list of countries eligible to access
that price is available: http://www.stoptb.org/gdf/

The good news is the Global Drug Facility has effectively negotiated an end
to Janssen's former tiered pricing structure, which drew much criticism.
Now many countries, eg middle income countries in Latin America, which were
previously stuck at a $3,000 price point can access the reduced price.

Why we need further price reductions and an end to tiered pricing overall:
-even the $400 price does not meet activist demands of a price of $1/day to
facilitate meeting the MSF target of a $500 regimen for drug-resistant TB,
-many patients will require bedaquiline for >6 months, raising the cost of
treatment even further,
-high income countries and countries where Janssen has outlicensed
bedaquiline, eg Russia, are not able to access the $400 price,
-bedaquiline --along with other TB drugs -- was developed with massive
amounts of public funding and should be treated as a public good with
universal low pricing.

For more info on bedaquiline and why Janssen needs to lower the price
further, please see:


In the meantime, even at too high of a price point, bedaquiline is a core
part of treating drug-resistant TB with a preferred regimen according to
WHO guidelines, so all countries should be using bedaquiline for the vast
majority of patients with MDR-TB.


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