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Webinar in French - MDR-TB and XDR-TB: diagnostic approaches and considerations

By Anna Tavares | 17 Jun, 2014

The DR-TB Training Network, an online resource funded by USAID through the TB CARE II project, is pleased to announce that it will be hosting a webinar for our Francophone colleagues, to be presented by Dr. Faiz Ahmad Khan.

TB-MR et TB-UR: approches et considérations diagnostiques

June 26, 2014 9:00am EDT/1:00pm GMT

Ce webinaire traitera des sujets suivants:
- Que sont les méthodes non-moleculaires pour faire le diagnostique de TB-MR et TB-UR?
- C'est quoi le rôle de GeneXpert?
- Est ce que c'est nécessaire de tester pour la résistance contre isoniazide chez un patient dont le GeneXpert indique la présence d'une souche résistance au rifampin?

Please register at: www.drtbnetwork.org/webinars

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CLAUDE RUTANGA Replied at 6:32 AM, 18 Jun 2014

Dear Anna,
This is a great opportunity for french speaking DRTB professionnals who indeed are facing similar epidemiological challenges vis a vis of drug resistant TB strains compared to their english counterparts in comparable disease epidemiological context. Hopefully, there would be opportunity to deal with case finding strategies as it's perceived as one of the critical and challeging steps in increasing the case detection rates which if not addressed, is continuously fuelling the risk of transmission of DR TB strains in our communities.
Claude Rutanga, east africa regional centre of excellence in PMDT.

Ramatoulaye Sall Replied at 7:52 AM, 18 Jun 2014

Dear Anna ,
Thank you for this information, We will be very pleased to participate in this webinar.
I'm a member or GHD since 2010 and I regulary fellow the discussions .I 've shared this website so many times with my collegues from Senegal and other french speaking countries specially in west Africa but there is the barrier of the language.Unfortunately I did not found surch forum in french.
It would be a great thing if sometimes topics could be treated in french.
I will again share the information.
Thank you

Virginia Lipke RN, MHA, ACRN, CIC Replied at 8:04 AM, 18 Jun 2014

Please remember that much can be done to reduce the risk of transmission by very simple Infection control measures. I would be happy to send you our French TB Infection Control training video for clinical settings. You can train anyone anywhere with only a charged laptop that plays videos.
Please send me your address if you'd like me to FedEx you some copies.
Best wishes,
Ginny Lipke RN, MHA,CIC, ACRN
Center for Global Health

Katherine Simon Replied at 8:51 AM, 18 Jun 2014

Hi Ginny,
(apologies for responding to the whole group)
would love some info on how to obtain these training videos (english is
fine) for our clinic in lilongwe, malawi.

Thanks very much

Katie Simon
Pediatrician, Texas Children's Global Health Corps, Baylor Pediatric Aids

Baylor Children's Clinical Centre of Excellence
Private Bag B-397
100 Mzimba Road
Kamuzu Central Hospital Complex
Lilongwe 3, Malawi

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Yacine Mar Diop Replied at 9:03 AM, 18 Jun 2014

Bonjour à tous,
je salue cette initiative. Ce sera une grande opportunuité pour nous
francophones de mieux contribuer au forum et partager nos petites
experiences de terrain avec les autres collègues francophones pour qui
l'anglais constitue un frein.
I fellow discussions on GHD online but I have problems to reply sometimes
because my English isn't good.
It will be a great opportunity
Yacine, NTP Senegal

2014-06-18 12:36 GMT+00:00 Virginia Lipke RN, MHA, ACRN, CIC via GHDonline <

Ramatoulaye Sall Replied at 10:33 AM, 18 Jun 2014

Very interesting Thank you Ginny. IC is one of the challenges that we are facing.
Last year we put the focus on IC in health care settings. An IC plan have been developed at national level and N95 and surgical mask have been provided all over the country.
This video will be very useful for care providers and also for the communication with patients and community workers

You can send it to the fellowing adress:

Dr Ramatoulaye Sall Touré
Responsable du bureau de Prise en charge TB,TB-VIH,TB-MR,Enfant,
BP 15020 Dakar-FANN ,Sénégal

please send me your mail adress at so we can continue the discussion

Kind regards

Anna Tavares Replied at 10:45 AM, 18 Jun 2014

The language barrier is a challenge that we well recognize and we are working to translate more of our DR-TB resources into French. I hope that the upcoming webinar is just the first in a series. We currently have clinical cases translated into French on the website but admittedly, they would be difficult to find among all the English pages. We are going to package them separately into a format that is easy to share and very soon we will be able to share the FAST TB IC materials in French, Russian, and Spanish.

I'm attaching an example of the DR-TB case studies that are currently available in English, French, Spanish, and Russian on the DR-TB Training Network website.

Attached resources:

Jude Beauchamp Replied at 11:16 AM, 18 Jun 2014

Thank You Anna

CLEMENT ADESIGBIN Replied at 6:12 AM, 19 Jun 2014

Dear Ginny,
Am dr clement. I work in a TB training institution in Nigeria. I would not mind some copies if they come in English as well. My address is National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Training Centre Zaria, Kaduna State Nigeria. Gsm: +2348059083248. Name is Dr Clement Olufemi Adesigbin.

Muse Olatunbosun Fadeyi Replied at 10:34 AM, 19 Jun 2014

Good day,
It is wonderful joining this family online. I am HIV/TB physician working in charge of one of the treatment center in Nigeria. Looking forward to a pleasant experience.

arnauld fiogbe Replied at 4:54 PM, 23 Jun 2014

Dear all
I'm really interested by this webinar which will be done in my current language.
Dear Virginie, i' m also interested by your French TB Infection Control training video for clinical settings.
I'm a reisdent in pneumology and infectious diseases.
here is my adress:
Dr arnauld FIOGBE
02BP 8229 cotonou, Bénin

Thanks so much!
Best regards
arnauld FIOGBE

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