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3rd Annual UCSF Global Health Bootcamp CME Course, October 11-14, 2016

By Phuoc Le | 12 May, 2016

Dear Colleagues,
I am writing to share with you a training opportunity for health professionals interested in gaining skills in global health. The third-annual Global Health Bootcamp will be held in October 11-14, 2016 at the University of California, San Francisco!

I am sure you know many health professionals who have an interest in global health and would like to improve their skills in this area. We would be very grateful if you could pass on information about this training opportunity to anyone in your networks who may be interested. All healthcare professionals are eligible to take this course. Anyone who registers before July 1, 2016 is eligible for an early-bird discount.
Complete information about the course is included below, as is the link to the course website. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, or if you would like additional resources or materials (e.g. course flyers).
Thank you for helping us spread the word about this exciting global health training opportunity!
October 11-14, 2016
The Global Health Bootcamp is an interdisciplinary, state-of-the-art education program is aimed at early career nurses, pharmacists, physicians or any health care professional committed to long term work in global health delivery. This course emerges out of the insight that the barrier to global health care delivery is not necessarily funding or knowledge of how to deliver health care: it is the ability to implement. Training includes multi-disciplinary topics such as health system design, leadership training, ultrasound skills, quality improvement principles in resource poor settings, and case studies on effective global health delivery programs led by experienced practitioners.
This course provides 29 CME credits.
To learn more about the course and how to register, visit the Global Health Bootcamp or register directly at the UCSF CME website.


Registration is limited to 36 learners.
Register before July 1, 2016 for an early bird discount on the course fee.
Questions and concerns can also be sent to Bootcamp Coordinator Rachel BeLieu at or 415-502-2426



Junior Bazile Moderator Replied at 5:29 AM, 31 May 2016

Thank you Dr. Phuoc Le for sharing this important information about the Global Health Bootcamp in October 11-14 2016 at the University of California, San Franscisco. Hopefully many of the HIV treatment and prevention community members will be able to attend.


Ghanshyam Bhatta Replied at 6:00 AM, 31 May 2016

Thanks for good information

Opiew Owar Replied at 12:56 PM, 31 May 2016

Dear colleques,

I wonder if any one tells me the if this course is taken freely or not?
with regards


*Getahun Asebe (Researcher Assistant professor)*

* Gambella University *

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getahun.gulichCellphone: +251-911571579 <http://www.gmail.com>POB:
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Htun Shein Replied at 6:14 AM, 2 Jun 2016

Thanks for sharing.

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