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How do different countries handle post-exposure prophylaxis?

By Lauren Alexanderson | 16 Jun, 2016

How do countries decide when to start PEP? How do they evaluate risk, or recommend prophylaxis and follow-up screening recommendations for populations, such as healthcare workers and sexual violence survivors.

We added a new section to our AIDSFree Guidance Database that includes over 20 countries' PEP recommendations. What struck me was how varied they all are!

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Junior Bazile Moderator Replied at 10:39 AM, 17 Jun 2016

Thank you very much Lauren for sharing this important resource. In this Southern part of Africa I was expecting to see Malawi but didn't see it as one of the countries on which you can click, Do you happen to have PEP recommendations for Malawi?


Walesi Natuman Replied at 5:01 PM, 18 Jun 2016

Hi Laura , very interesting to read these guidelines , in the Pacific we as health workers are also subjected to PEP until blood results post exposure is negative and retesting done at 6 months of first exposure if negative. However where the results come back positive a retesting is done after counseling. I would be interested in any information you would have about the Pacific region.


Breda Gahan Replied at 7:26 AM, 19 Jun 2016

Bazile, see Malawi at https://aidsfree.usaid.gov/resources/guidance-data/pep/Malawi
In PDF https://aidsfree.usaid.gov/sites/default/files/tx_malawi_2014.pdf
6.13 Post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) .................................................................... 77
Cheers, Breda

Junior Bazile Moderator Replied at 12:40 PM, 20 Jun 2016

Dear Breda,
Thank you very much for the links.


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