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Lack of HIV Testing for Children in West and Central Africa Means Many Will Die - Experts

By Junior Bazile Moderator | 23 Mar, 2017

I was reading this heartbreaking article this morning and realized how long is still the road ahead of us when it come to controlling and eliminating HIV/AIDS.
In Central and West Africa, thousand of children still do not have access to treatment despite all the efforts that have been made in different parts of the world over the last few decades. They are not treated because they haven't been tested. My questions are: why haven't they been tested? What about the test and treat strategy? About two weeks ago I posted an article about "the earlier we start treatment in children, the better it is in regards to virologic control". So what is happening in Central and West Africa? We have the resources, and the means to get this situation under control. We can test those children. We can treat them appropriately. Let's do this.

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