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Learning Tour March 2015 Calcutta India

By Erin Das | 03 Feb, 2015

My name is Erin Das and I am currently working for an International NGO (MCC) in Bangladesh on HIV awareness raising through peer education, training, sensitization meetings and community events and hoping to develop a project in 2016 regarding these similar ideas of HIV awareness raising. We hope to also learn how to add topics such as nutrition, WASH and heath aspects for a holistic approach to supporting the communities where we already work. We are hoping to travel to Calcutta India in March 2015 around the 20th for about a week and wanted to know if anyone in this online community has contacts of projects that would be helpful to visit and learn from. We are also interested in learning about monitoring and evaluating tools that can be used to show changes in behaviour as our current project focuses on prevention and encourages behaviour change for high risk individuals.

Our current project goal is People from targeted communities are aware of how HIV is and is not transmitted and are applying that understanding in their daily lives.

I am not connected with the HIV/AIDS network in Calcutta but anyone is able to share contacts or NGOs that are working in this area that would be helpful. Thank you for your time.

Either reply on this site or you can personally email me at:



Ndubuisi Egwim Replied at 1:41 AM, 3 Feb 2015

SIDHAS (Strengthening Integrated Delivery of HIV/AIDS Services) Project in Nigeria is being implemented by FHI360 Nigeria. You could learn a lot from the project. Key areas in the Project include HIV Care and Treatment, some elements of community PMTCT, Care and support, WASH, Nutrition, Health Systems Strengthening, etc. You may visit www.insidenigeria.org to learn more about the project.

I wish you the best

Erin Das Replied at 10:09 PM, 3 Feb 2015

Thank you Ndubuisi Egwim for your advice, I hope to look into the project to learn more about how this could impact our work in rural Bangladesh. All the best to you as well.

kongnyu Emmanuel Ringnyu Replied at 3:25 AM, 4 Feb 2015

Thanks for your interest in HIV/AIDS in the community. I am Kongnyu
Emmanuel and i work with the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health
services(CBCHS) and we run a lot of community HIV awareness programs. We
have done this for years. You can contact me and i will direct you how our
programs function or visit our websit www.cbchealthservices.org


*Kongnyu Emmanuel Ringnyu*

*TB\Care &Treatment DepartmentBanso Baptist Hospital P O Box 09 Nso
BuiNorth West Region Cameroon. <:
www.cbchealthservices.org <http://www.cbchealthservices.org>*
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beliefs, your beliefs create your convictions, your convictions create your
attitude, your attitude controls your perception, and your perception
dictates your behavior. Dr. Myles Munroe

Jose Luis Sebastian Mesones Replied at 9:30 PM, 4 Feb 2015

Good night,
I work in Aids Healthcare Foundation, I understand that we are also in
India, I sent the link to FB,
best regards


Jose Luis Sebastian

2015-02-03 1:11 GMT-05:00 Erin Das via GHDonline <>:

Erin Das Replied at 5:06 AM, 5 Feb 2015

Thank you Kongnyu Emmanuel Ringnyu and Jose Luis Sebastian for your contacts.
I have sent emails to find more information out about the work that they are doing. Thank you.

Dr Shanta Ghatak Replied at 12:02 AM, 11 Feb 2015

Hi Erin

Do please arrange for an appointment with the NACO person in Swasthya
Bhavan , Salt Lake ( phone numbers are available on their website )
Calcutta - where you will get the list of NGOs and people working for the
HIV networking and a list of PLWAs invloved in several vertical and well
networked projects in and around West Bengal as a whole.
The list identifies the NGOs and people working in each area.
They have a list of contact numbers including the cell phone numbers and e
mail IDs ....
There you go .....................

Erin Das Replied at 4:59 AM, 12 Feb 2015

Thank you Dr Shanta Ghatak for your recommendations. I have contacted them today.

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