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Potential HIV immunology or microbiology research topics

By Ranjan Perera | 03 Jul, 2016

Dear HIV experts, what are the most demanded research areas of HIV immunology and microbiology?
Is the role of dimeric IgA in prevention of HIV studied thoroughly?



Junior Bazile Moderator Replied at 12:31 PM, 12 Jul 2016

Hi Ranjan,
Currently I know that they are many researches being conducted on HIV vaccines. I also know that there have been some clinical trials being conducted on some new ARTs like fusion inhibitors, and integrase inhibitors. Those clinical trials are either almost over or are already done.

I don't know if the role of dimeric IgA in prevention of HIV Studied thoroughly. IgA is mainly found on mucous membrane as a factor of protection but it seems that in the case of HIV it is not that effective.
I'd like to hear what others think about all this.


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