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U.S. Preventive Services Task Force has recommended universal HIV testing in the US for Americans ages 15 to 65

By Pamela Marks | 26 Nov, 2012

Though these recommendations have just come out, some clinics in the US have been implemetning this. For example in Washigton DC's Unity Healthcare sites, Oraquick became known as the 5th vital sign.. Unity has been implementing this for at least the past two years. From my experience working there, patients generally allowed the test to be done. There are about 1 million people in the US with HIV and it is estimated that 25% of those infected do not know their status. Hopefully some of the lessons learned from PEPFAR countries can be used to improve services in the US.

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LATOYA BILLUPS Replied at 1:40 AM, 13 Jan 2013

The testing of pregnant individual as mandatory is necessary in the fight for early detection, treatment and interventions necessary for maternal and infant well-being.

Samson Wilfred Willad Njolomole Moderator Emeritus Replied at 10:01 AM, 14 Jan 2013

HIV awareness campaigns should be maximized so that we can reach out to
this target groups so individuals understand the benefits of early HIV
testing. I have been wondering how best we can work with government to make
a National Policy so that this younger Generation is well protected from
the risks of HIV new infection We should also come up with strategies of
engaging with the individuals without making them feel threatened and
oppressed. This might seem a very strong and harsh approach but since life
has such huge Value its time to do whatever it takes!
Keep the Fire Burning!
Samson Njolomole.

Pamela Marks Replied at 1:19 PM, 14 Jan 2013

I know in PEPFAR supported countries, testing of pregnant women is generally done but not too sure about what is done in practice in the US. I'm glad that these guidlines have finally been issued. In some FQHCs in the US, oral tests are offered as part of the vital signs.

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