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The Community Register Project: Improving Access to PMTCT Services in Zambia

By John Nicholson | 13 May, 2013

In Zambia’s Southern Province, the Community PMTCT Follow-up Register Project is improving access and adherence to HIV testing and treatment for pregnant women and their children. The program works through a specialized register and uses outreach and follow-up by trained lay counselors to enhance community understanding of HIV and increase the use of HIV services by women and their infants.



Blessings Banda Replied at 9:04 AM, 14 May 2013

Hello John,
Just curious, are the counselors that are working on PMTCT in the Community specific for Community service or they are also Health Center based? Here in Malawi, Neno District, we have HTC Counselors that are facility based but i think you have a great point on Community enhancement on understanding HIV.

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