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UCSF HEAL Initiative Global Health Fellowship Opportunity

By Joseph Scarpelli | 31 Jul, 2018

The UCSF HEAL Initiative is actively recruiting our 5th class of global health fellows and we’d like to ask your help in spreading the word. We’re eager to recruit individuals who are passionate about global health equity and service to the underserved to join our community of 100+ fellows across 17 partner sites in 8 countries and the Navajo Nation. Current openings can be found here:https://healinitiative.org/join-us/apply-to-be-a-fellow/

We are currently recruiting US-trained physicians from a variety of specialties (Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Med-Peds, Pediatrics, OBGYN, Psychiatry, Surgery, Anesthesiology, and CRNA). During the two-year fellowship, HEAL fellows are immersed at partner organizations aiding the underserved, splitting their time between a US and an international site. Half of the HEAL fellows are US physicians and the other half are HEAL fellows from our partner sites. This allows for a diverse and interprofessional training community. Fellows participate in intensive in-person training, mentorship, online graduate-level training, ongoing curriculum, and join a community of passionate health professionals from around the world. Applicants must have completed a US-based residency program by the start of the fellowship in July 2019. Learn more here: https://healinitiative.org/

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Jennifer Dengler Replied at 9:34 PM, 31 Jul 2018

Do you foresee any future opportunities for physician assistants? I see that CRNAs are able to apply for the program, but not other advanced practice groups. I am currently a PA completing my doctorate in global health sciences and I am researching potential opportunities to pair my medical background with my passion for global health and policy and working towards sustainable health care models in underserved communities.

Joseph Scarpelli Replied at 5:07 PM, 1 Aug 2018

Hi Jennifer, Thank you for reaching out! While we are not currently recruiting PAs for our Rotating Fellow positions, we have indeed recruited NPs in the past and are open to accepting CRNAs this year. We are always looking for ways to further diversify our fellowship cohort and may explore opportunities for PAs in future years.

Vivek podder Replied at 7:53 AM, 2 Aug 2018

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for asking for opportunities. I am Vivek Podder, currently, a final-year medical student from Bangladesh. I can certainly get you to help with such an opportunity which is a British Medical Journal (BMJ) Case Reports elective program (Details of this program is here: promotions.bmj.com/jnl/bmj-case-reports-student-electives-2/).

This elective is a patient-centered learning opportunity and conceptualized by a "case-based blended learning ecosystem (CBBLE). I have participated in this elective over a year back for 2 months under the supervision of Professor Rakesh Biswas (former deputy editor for BMJ Case Reports). After finishing the offline elective stint a year back in the host Institution, I have subsequently remained active online and actively involved with the team of experts in an online platform where we conduct research, make conversational learning around patients, critically appraise different evidence around each patient where better student outcome followed by the better patient outcome.

In the past, students from the USA, UK, Bangladesh, Nepal, India and many other countries have participated in this program. During this elective and afterward we were able to publish several significant publications which indeed are helpful for the science.

For more details experience about myBMJ elective experience click here:

Sharing few of the recent publications that we published are:

For detailed information about the experience of professor Rakesh Biswas visit:

To Apply for this elective email:

Jennifer Dengler Replied at 6:31 PM, 5 Aug 2018

Please keep me in mind if you open to PAs in the future. I am passionate about sustainable global health and would like to spend more time in the field. I appreciate the assistance.

Naphtal Nyirimanzi Replied at 12:25 AM, 7 Aug 2018

Hello, I always say this is a good initiative. However, if it involves all
people from different countries, especially developing countries, it will
be better, in order to achieve equity and social justice. We can't Have
sustainability if all concerned stakeholders are not engaged, involved.
Please, think about to limit people based on their citizenship. Thank you.

Naphtal Nyirimanzi Replied at 12:27 AM, 7 Aug 2018

think about inckusion criteria, and remove citizenship

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