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Viral Load & Early Infant Diagnosis Resources

By Lauren Alexanderson | 13 Apr, 2017

Members of this group may be interested in resources from AIDSFree's Viral Load and Early Infant Diagnosis Database. For example, on March 22, we held a webinar with Dianna Edgil and Jason Williams of USAID and Shirley Lecher and Ritu Pati of CDC. The speakers highlighted a network approach to viral load scale-up, introduced a viral load scale-up scorecard, and discussed the Project ECHO tool. The webinar also introduced the AIDSFree HIV Viral Load (VL) and Early Infant Diagnosis (EID) Knowledge Base, a collection of resources and tools to help you find what you need to scale up VL monitoring and EID.

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Paul Gonza Replied at 9:33 AM, 15 Apr 2017

Thank you Lauren, greatly appreciated.

krishna chandra devkota Replied at 2:48 AM, 19 Apr 2017

Thank u

Munyaradzi Madhombiro Replied at 6:19 AM, 19 Apr 2017

Dear All
I am a Zimbabwean, one of the countries with a high burden of HIV infections. I am researching in alcohol and HIV. One of the outcome measures is adherence as measured by CD4 and viral loads. I need help viral loads and CD4 and would welcome any help

Bora Ngauv Replied at 6:23 AM, 19 Apr 2017

Thank you Lauren, for your information, As in my country now we just launching the new recommendation for do at birth DBS-EID testing and start ARV treatment as soon as for EID positive baby and stop it if the second EID testing negative. How about real practise from other country for do the EID at birth?

Jacqueline Limo Replied at 6:32 AM, 19 Apr 2017

Thank You for your email
What kind of help would you require?

Tamirirashe Mahwire Replied at 4:56 AM, 24 Apr 2017

Munyaradzi. I am trying to understand your query. are you trying to study if alcohol use impacts adherence to ARVs or not. Ido not think you want to study impact of alcohol use on viral suppression. you can inbox me your study protocol on tcmahwire@gmail,com the i can assist in designing a proper research protocol.
TC Mahwire

Munyaradzi Madhombiro Replied at 8:39 AM, 24 Apr 2017

Thanks Tamirirashe. will you help with your email address. i will give you the details.

Ahishakiye Alain Replied at 3:00 PM, 25 Apr 2017

Thank you Lauren Alexanderson

Abdullah Al Parvez Replied at 2:27 PM, 2 May 2017

Thanks for sharing the links.

edward shabani kateta Replied at 4:16 PM, 2 May 2017

Thank you...

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