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Registration Open: Geneva Seminar on Working for the U.N. in Health (20-23 May 2012)

By inon schenker | 10 Mar, 2012

Sharing news on interesting events and courses: The 2012 Geneva Seminar on Working for the United Nations in Health is an opportunity to learn more on how to engage with the United Nations as Interns, Consultants or employees for those interested in Global Health.

May 20-23, 2012. Geneva, Switzerland/ Registration Deadline: 24th March 2012.

Considered working for the World Health Organization? Interested in providing medical care during disasters and emergencies? Wishing to lead health programs in Africa? Interested in supporting the Millennium Development Goals?

The 2012 Geneva Seminar is an intensive course tailor made this year for health care providers interested in working for the U.N. or other international organizations or Interning in global health. Participants are exposed to the work of the United Nations and other international agencies in health. They also learn about job opportunities in the U.N., gain knowledge and skills how to apply for vacancies and are guided how to develop their personal engagement scheme in global health. Participants learn about the Millennium Development Goals and on health interventions and programs in developing countries. The 2012 Seminar is co-organized by ISIHES with the IFMSA Alumni Associations in Switzerland and in Peru. The Seminar will be held in the 'Health Capitol of the U.N.'- Geneva, Switzerland; where participants could experience the working environment, tour the Palaise des Nations and meet with senior global health professionals. Space is limited and early registration is encouraged.

For complete information and registration form:

Facebook: geneva global health seminar
Looking forward to seeing you in Geneva in May.

Dr Jessica Tang



Martha Mubanga Replied at 5:20 AM, 13 Mar 2012

Dear Dr Tang
Many thanks for the update , is there room for applying for sponsorship to attend this seminar?

Yemisi Ajumobi Replied at 6:13 PM, 13 Mar 2012

Thanks for the update. I have sent in my completed registration, and looking forward to meetign everyone and actively taking part in the Seminar

ANA MARIA BACUDIO Replied at 12:09 PM, 14 Mar 2012

Dear Dr Tang,
Thank you for the information. I am interested to attend and also want to know if there is scholarship/ sponsorship available for participants from developing countries.
Best regards and Godbless.
ANA MARIA A. BACUDIO,RMT,MPHManila Health DepartmentPublic Health Laboratory208 Quiricada Street Sta Cruz Manila Philippines, 1003

dehne Lewot Replied at 4:25 PM, 16 Mar 2012

Dear Dr Tag,
I am interested and it is vital for my career. Is there a possibility to get a scholarship to attend this training?

Many Thanks



Dehne Mengiste
Cell phone 251 911 40 23 22
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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LIZZY IGBINE Replied at 7:36 PM, 16 Mar 2012



inon schenker Replied at 11:10 AM, 17 Mar 2012

Geneva Seminar: Working for the United Nations in Health team has received dozens of applications from around the globe and the acceptance letters will be going out this coming week. The formal letter could serve in applying for scholarships, visa and other formalities.
The Seminar HAS NOT any scholarship program or other financial support available. This is an NGO initiative.
The deadline for registration is soon arriving and for convenience I added the registration form and leaflet informing about this event herewith
It is so wonderful to see that the focus of the 2012 Geneva Seminar appeals to so many.

Attached resources:

ALBERT ANTOBRE-BOATENG Replied at 4:39 AM, 19 Mar 2012

Dear Inon Schenker,

This is the kind of seminar I need to move my carrer forward but rather unfortunately my present contract with an agency will not allow me to be in Geneva in May 2012.

I hope the interest shown by colleaques making enquiries and the nimber of participants shouldl motivate the organizers to consider organizing another one this year or next year for people who will miss this one.

On the other hand, is it possible to put up summary materials on the net for us to access?

Thank you.

albert antobre boateng

ALBERT ANTOBRE-BOATENG Replied at 5:35 PM, 19 Jul 2012

Dear Dr. Tang,

Thank you for organizing the Geneva Seminar on Working for the UN in Health
held last May 2012.

I am sure many more people, including myself could have attended but had
one or two challenges so could not make it.

Please is there a possibility to put the summary of the deliberations in a
pdf document to enable us access to help us in one way or the other? I am
sure this will benefit a lot of people.

Thank you.

albert antobre boateng

Martha Mubanga Replied at 2:19 AM, 20 Jul 2012

Dear all,
Indeed putting a summary of the deliberations will benefit us all so that
we all move at the same pace

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This community is no longer active as of December 2018. Thanks to those who posted here and made this information available to others visiting the site.