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2017 AIC Course

By Dilip Patil | 20 Jun, 2017

I have enrolled for 2017 AIC Course (31st July to 11 August) and looking forward to interact with the experts in the field. Barbara especially has been very prompt and pro-active in communication, Thanks. Can previous participants/ course directors give their tips and suggestions for the 'first-timers' who might not have engineering/design/microbiology background, so that an appropriate home-work can be done to make most of this course. Is the course format unchanged, since it started? I have gone through a few of the past presentations from the archives of this forum and keen to know the current topics to be discussed. Is their any evaluation exam at the end of the course? What about certification? For likes of me who would be entering the class-room after almost 25 years, there is little excitement and anxiety.



Terrence Chinniah Replied at 9:06 AM, 20 Jun 2017

Dear Dilip dont worry much about it. It is an excellent course well organised everything you need will be taught and trained there. Paul and Ed will have everything under control. And enjoy Boston. You will enjoy the course and Boston every minute of it

Terrence Chinniah Replied at 9:07 AM, 20 Jun 2017

Dear Dilip dont worry much about it. It is an excellent course well organised everything you need will be taught and trained there. Paul and Ed will have everything under control. And enjoy Boston. You will enjoy the course and Boston every minute of it

Abdulhakeem Yusuf Replied at 6:21 PM, 20 Jun 2017

Please, I am interested in the course. Hope it's not too late to apply now
and how do I go about it

Donald Catanzaro Replied at 7:57 PM, 20 Jun 2017

Information for Harvard's Building Design and Engineering Approaches to Airborne Infection Control course can be found here: http://tbtransmission.bwh.harvard.edu/capacity-building/airborne-infection-co...

Dr Dhruv Mamtora Replied at 9:04 PM, 20 Jun 2017

Is it going to help in establishing TB DST labs?
Or for construction of airborne isolation rooms?
If yes, then how to enroll for program? How much are fees?
Is there Any sponcership for delegates of resource poor countries?
I am working as consultant microbiology and infection control incharge for 150 bedded private hospital in Mumbai and due to large burden of MDR and XDR in city, we are planning to upgrade our lab and isolation facility for community needs.

Edward Nardell, MD Moderator Replied at 12:23 AM, 21 Jun 2017

Let me personally allay your anxiety. We present a wide range of material
to a wide range of students and do not expect everyone to learn the same
thing. There is no exam - rather attendance and participation are required.
We target architects and engineers, but also those administrators and
clinicians who engage architects and engineers to help each side to better
understand the perspectives of the other. By the end of 2 weeks there has
been general satisfaction with the immersion (including dorm time) in an
interdisciplinary environment. The course content is very similar year to
year. Please remember to bring projects that you would like to discuss.

Dilip Patil Replied at 1:52 AM, 21 Jun 2017

Thank you Dr. Nardell! I'm sure we all are going to have a productive and enjoyable time in Boston! Looking forward to meet you!

Dilip Patil Replied at 4:28 AM, 21 Jun 2017

@ Dr. Dhruv Mamtora, here is the link for online application : 2017 Airborne Infection Control (AIC) Course Application (external URL)
Link leads to: http://tbtransmission.bwh.harvard.edu/capacity-building/airborne-infection-co...

Adriano Duse Replied at 4:58 AM, 21 Jun 2017

Dear All

As a previous participant of this course (my speciality: medical microbiology & infectious diseases and infection prevention and control) I can assure you that there is nothing in these 2 weeks that is not relevant or useful in your daily practice . It's an outstanding opportunity to broaden the understanding of AIC, meet incredible international colleagues and get solutions to issues that we engage with on a daily basis. I strongly recommend the course !!!

Kind regards, Adriano


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Urvashi Singh Replied at 9:47 AM, 21 Aug 2017

Dear Dr Nardell,

We are well aware of the high quality of the course conducted by your group.
Would it be possible to kindly share the lectures by email (

Thanks and Warm regards

Edward Nardell, MD Moderator Replied at 8:11 PM, 21 Aug 2017

We have posted the lecture slides from many of the previous 8 courses on
GHDonline - I am not sure of the status of this year's lectures. They have
not changed that much as the basic principles are the same.

Thanks Adriano for your endorsement.

For all of the more than 250 participants of the 9 times we have conducted
the course - we are soliciting photos of buildings, renovations, projects
that can be directly attributed to the course. This is to help us continue
to convince funders that there is an outcome. I like to say that when you
teach doctors and nurses you get better healthcare but it is sometimes hard
to document. But when you teach architects and engineers you end up with
buildings that can be photographed. If your participation in our "Building
Design and Engineering/Airborne Infection" course has let to improved
infrastructure that can be documented in photos, please post them here.


Ed Nardell

Victor Makwinja Replied at 10:45 PM, 21 Aug 2017

Dear Dr. Nardell,


May I know how I can access the AIC resources. I have tried on the website
but I cannot see them.

I will appreciate your kind assistance.


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Sharmila Sengupta Replied at 8:54 PM, 22 Aug 2017

Dear Dr Nardell, I am leading a Clinical Microbiology Lab and the Infection
Control Program of a 1250 bedded hospital in outskirts of Delhi with high
load of TB and other airborne infections. We also have postgraduate

As mentioned by Dr Urvashi Singh, it would be excellent if the lectures
could be shared (even if it is for a reasonable fee). It becomes difficult
to plan a trip to Boston from Delhi, however we woud be overjoyed if Boston
could come to us. I am sure it would be a great update on AIC, something
which we look forward to.

Thank you & best regards
Dr Sharmila Sengupta
Medanta - The Medicity Hospital
Gurgaon, Haryana

Dr Dhruv Mamtora Replied at 11:12 PM, 22 Aug 2017

I strongly agree with dr sengupta madam, as we can't come to Boston so you can make it online program. We have 154 bedded diabetic and oncology hospital in Mumbai and mumbai is hub for MDR and XDR.
So AIC and such program can be of great help.

Stella Money Replied at 3:25 AM, 23 Aug 2017

I too agree with Dr.Sengupta . We would be glad if this course is made
available to us online .

Md Saiful Islam Replied at 3:59 AM, 23 Aug 2017

Dear Stella and All:

We had multiple participants from India. If you are interested, we can provide their contract address to you after discussion with them.


Dr Dhruv Mamtora Replied at 4:10 AM, 23 Aug 2017

Yes, that Will be of great help. Please share their list and contact. Also if any study material is available.

Rahul Narang Replied at 6:02 AM, 23 Aug 2017

Dear Dr Saiful,

Many thanks for introducing us.

Dr Sharmila and others,

Dr Dilip Patil who initiated this discussion along with his daughter
Yashika, Dr Rahul Kamble from Hinduja, Mrs Roma from MSF and I attended AIC
course this summer. We shall be happy to help.

Thanks and regards

Rahul Narang
MGIMS Sevagram


Rahul Narang MD PhD
Professor, Microbiology
MGIMS Sevagram 442102
Phone +91- 9850357401 (M); 7152284307 (H); 7152284341 Ext 325 (O)

Dr Shripad Taklikar Replied at 6:18 AM, 23 Aug 2017

Dear Dr. Rahul
I, Dr. Shripad, one of the few people who have attended the AIC course in 2013.&nbsp;

We have also conducted few AIC trainings in the city of Mumbai. Also carried out few assessments for AIC.
Would also like to help if anyone needs some help.
Dr. ShripadConsultant Infection Prevention and ControlAssistant Professor, Department of MicrobiologyLokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College,Sion, Mumbai400022

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DR RAHUL KAMBLE Replied at 6:44 AM, 23 Aug 2017

Will be very pleased to help & share study materials.
- Dr Rahul S Kamble.
MD Microbiology, Diploma. Infectious Diseases. Six sigma black belt.
Contact: 9175041015.
Email: .
Hinduja health care, Mumbai

Mohamed Muse Replied at 8:34 AM, 23 Aug 2017

Happy to join from somalia

Victor Makwinja Replied at 3:57 PM, 23 Aug 2017

Dear All,

There is a call to have the AIC training to be conducted online. I think the nature of the two week training would be compromised if it were done online. I feel this training has strength due to its practical nature. Let us maintain it to be conducted where it has always been conducted.

We may not all find resources to attend at once but one day we will eventually attend.

My suggestion let it be conducted in the USA as previously never online!

Kind regards,

Edward Nardell, MD Moderator Replied at 4:39 PM, 23 Aug 2017

I agree with Victor that the full impact of the two week course requires
hands on labs, lots of time for repetition, questions and discussions, and
in the second week having participants present their own projects for group
discussion. In addition, the two weeks living together in the dorms leads
to valuable social and professional connections and learning from this
interdisciplinary group of participants. However, we do not want the
perfect (the in-person course) to be the enemy of the good (some sort of
in-country substitute). Toward that end there have been several 1-week
versions of the course in Mumbai, Delhi, and Hyderabad - perhaps others by
Paul Jensen that I don't remember. Also, we are preparing an electronic
book form of the course, with the same lectures turned into book chapters
and the labs turned into You tube videos. This process is taking much
longer than hoped, as is true with any multi-authored endeavor. In the
past, as mentioned, we have posted lectures (with the lecturer's
permission) on GHDonline in a special place that requires a password. This
year we did not ask permission from lecturers to share their talks, but we
still could. Honestly, however, reading someone's slides without the audio
lecture does not always make sense, and good intentions aside, people get
tired of trying to figure out what points are being made. In class there
is time for questions, but posted lectures must speak for themselves and
are not designed to do that. We will discuss internally about the pros and
cons of posting the lectures as free standing presentations without the
lectures. Finally, there has been mention of TBIC and I should say that
this is not a general TBIC course. There are many of those, but this course
was envisioned 10 years ago to address the problem of funding from GFATM,
PEPFAR, and USAID, among other sources, for renovations and occasional new
construction where architects and engineers had no experience with airborne
infection control. So this course is focused on the built environment, with
less attention to administrative controls and respiratory protection.
However, we do cover administrative controls - the importance of the
undiagnosed TB patient or TB drug resistance, the rapid impact of treatment
on stopping transmission, and approaches to rapid detection of cases and
effective treatment - an approach called FAST. We also discuss respiratory
protection, but less so than built environment topics that are not covered
elsewhere. An important focus of the course is upper room germicidal UV
because the topic is covered almost no where else. This is a highly
effective but poorly understood method of air disinfection that needs to be
implemented globally, but implemented properly, with well designed fixtures
and dosing strategies for safe and effective installations that can be
maintained, that is sustained.


Edward Nardell, MD Moderator Replied at 4:43 PM, 23 Aug 2017

Addendum: We hope to offer the in-person course again next year - the
first two weeks of August - if our funder (USAID) is willing to continue to
provide support. This year, most participants paid no tuition ($2000, much
less than years ago due to funding), but were required to secure airfare
and living expenses in the dorm (not very expensive for housing in Boston
in summer). I would advise those of you hoping to attend the course to
being inquires to secure the roughly $3000 needed for airfare and housing
costs. That way, if you apply and are accepted, you will not start the
process cold.


Kedir Abdella Abdulsemed Replied at 3:44 PM, 25 Aug 2017

Dear All,
Congratulations to all who attended this interesting course! I understand
you equipped with important knowledge, skills and attitudes on the AIC.
Moreover, I suggested you we understood the importance of multi
disciplinary approach to control AIC. I have tried to take part in this
course 3xs. Unfortunately, I missed it due to visa processing. However, the
good thing is I Will not give up! Once a day I will be the participant of
this course. Who knows it will be next year. I wish the best for
coordinators to secure funds, I wish the best to the next year applicants.

Edward Nardell, MD Moderator Replied at 3:46 PM, 25 Aug 2017

We will welcome especially warmly after 3 failed attempts! Let's hope that
our political situation has improved by next year - we all hope.


Svetlana Degtyareva Replied at 6:16 AM, 28 Aug 2017

Dear Dr. Kedir!

Thank you very much for your inspiring words!!!
For me this year was the first attempt to take part in this course and I was VERY upset with the visa delays. But now I am willingness to try next year once more!

Kind regards,

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