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By Philip Lederer | 12 Dec, 2014

If you are interested in F-A-S-T, check out the presentations from Barcelona:


#689 -- Implementing F-A-S-T
#690-- Bangladesh
#692-- Russia

with best regards,



Hal Levin Replied at 3:07 PM, 12 Dec 2014

Can you provide more details to find the presentation? The link
does not take me to a presentation and requires more info to find
it. Entering F A S T as a keyword brings up 42 presentation
Thank you,

Philip Lederer Replied at 11:32 AM, 13 Dec 2014

Hal- you might not have silverlight installed on your computer. It should work.
Would search for "Nardell" that gets you to 689, 690, and 692.
with best regards,

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