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Facility with good TB-IC in Estern Europe

By Nonna Turusbekova | 23 Oct, 2015

Dear all,

I'm looking for a facility in Eastern Europe, or the surroundings, with exemplary TB-IC measures, preferably built from scratch (not refurbished). Some colleagues of mine, who are going to build a TB hospital, would like to visit such a facility.
Does anyone have any recommendations?

Thanks in advance,



Grigory Volchenkov, MD Moderator Replied at 4:26 AM, 23 Oct 2015

Dear Nonna,
most of such facilities (like the TB hospital I work for) occupy reconstructed for TB older hospital buildings. I could recommend few in Russia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Baltic states. Particular design choice depends on numerous settings (climate, workload, resources, TB care delivery approach, local engineering capacity etc.)
All the best,

Philippe Creach Replied at 4:56 AM, 23 Oct 2015

Dear Nonna,
One facility with excellent TB-IC measures is the National Public Health laboratory in Dushanbe / Tajikistan although it is not a TB hospital stricto sensu. It is processing TB analyses in Tajikistan and has recently been reviewed by WHO. The Fondation Merieux with the Ministry of Health and the UNDP was very instrumental in designing it and following up the building (from the scratch).

Nonna Turusbekova Replied at 11:27 AM, 24 Oct 2015

Dear Grigory, dear Philippe,
Thank you for your advice, it seems like there are sufficient examples in the region. I will consult with the colleagues about their preferences.
All the best,

Edward Nardell, MD Moderator Replied at 7:23 PM, 26 Oct 2015

Dear Nonna,
A major problem is measuring the effectiveness of what is done, even in so
called "exemplary" institutions. We recommend what should work, but
providing evidence that it does work is very difficult. Grigory has strong
evidence that implementing a variety of interventions - the entire
hierarchy - have drastically reduced TB in health care workers in
Vladamir. That is probably as good as evidence gets. My point is that
visiting a building that looks nice and has followed recommended principles
does not mean that it works - especially if it depends on natural
ventilation (unlikely in Eastern Europe!).


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