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Harvard Course: Building Design and Engineering Approaches to Airborne Infection Control, Boston, 27 July - 7 August, 2015

By Edward Nardell, MD Moderator | 11 Feb, 2015

After a year off, the "Harvard" continuing education course, "Building Design and Engineering Approaches to Airborne Infection Control" will again be held in Boston at Harvard Medical School, 27 July to 7 Aug, 2015.

This is not a general TB IC course, but one specifically intended to build capacity among architects and engineers, and also physicians, nurses, and public health health administrators who are involved in building renovation and new construction. Although students from the public and private sector are welcome, we especially target those charged with clinics and hospitals for public health departments.

In addition to the lectures and lab demonstrations, participants benefit greatly from the close interaction with other participants and faculty with field experience.

This year the course is being organized by the MASS Design Group, and the link is:

Although limited scholarship help is available, participants are encouraged to seek sponsors, such as local USAID missions, CFAR projects, and other sources.

Please get your applications in early as participation is limited.

Ed Nardell, MD, Course Co-Director.



Roman Rodyna Replied at 5:38 PM, 11 Feb 2015

Эдвард, извините за русский язык!
А как попасть на эти курсы? Я и мои коллеги очень хотим попасть в Бостон,
тем более что я посещал курсы в 2010 году. Но сейчас меры инфекционного
контроля в Украине получили очень большое развитие, и я и мои коллеги, как
члены национальной экспертной и областной группы по инфекционному
контролю, очень заинтересованы в улучшении своей квалификации! Особенно нас
интересует раздел применения ультрафиолетового излучения в туберкулёзных
учреждениях! Вы и Ваши коллеги - очень квалифицированные преподаватели, и
нам очень хотелось бы Вас увидеть и услышать на курсе в Бостоне! И, конечно
, Пола Дженсена, которому от меня огромный привет!!!
12.02.2015 0:24 пользователь "Edward Nardell, MD via GHDonline" <
> написал:

Roderick Mera Replied at 6:13 PM, 11 Feb 2015

will the material from this important seminar be made available sometime in the future, for the many that will not be able to attend??

Edward Nardell, MD Moderator Replied at 7:09 PM, 11 Feb 2015

We have had 6 previous courses and many or most of the slides have been
posted on this site. Not sure how to access them, but they are here. That
does not substitute for the hands-on labs, etc, but it is what we can do to
share the material.


qwerty qwertt Replied at 7:48 PM, 11 Feb 2015

Dear Rodricke
The Harvard course is one of its kind. I was part of the same in 2011,and
it's help me really contribute.

I have been where your query was I. 2010,with the materials, but without
the training and hand holding, it's a waste. Go for the training, if you
're in the area of implementation of TBiC

qwerty qwertt Replied at 7:52 PM, 11 Feb 2015

It's great to see that this course is finally happening this year ( after
the gap),in light of the new TB STRATEGY and key emphasis on transmission
risk reduction, I think this year's training would have more solutions and
guidance as from the other years.

Best wishes to Ed and the MASS team Allan and Michael and team.

Stephen Muleshe Replied at 1:21 AM, 12 Feb 2015

Dear Edward
Thank you very much for the timely information. My name is Dr. Stephen
Muleshe, I work as Program Manager HIV/AIDS, TB & Other Infectious Diseases
for an inter-governmental Organization called the East, Central & Southern
Africa Health Community (ECSA HC) formerly known as the Commonwealth
Regional Health Community for East, Central & Southern Africa. We are based
in Arusha but work with Ministries of Health in ten Member States namely,
Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mauritius, Seychelles, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda,
Zambia & Zimbabwe. We also work closely with other countries namely Rwanda
and Burundi in the East African Region in a world Bank Laboratory
Strengthening Project known as the East African Public Health Laboratory
Networking Project (EAPHLNP). Ethiopia and DRC Congo will be joining soon.

Our mandate as ECSA Health Community is to Foster and promote regional
cooperation in Health and provide a platform for Member states to interact
through exchange and sharing of information and other key policy health

As a program Manager for infectious Diseases, i am interested in this
course since infection prevention and control in a key pillar in management
of communicable diseases

I look forward to successful application and joining the other teams in


*Dr. Stephen K. Muleshe MD, MPH, MSc. PGD (STI/HIV/AIDS) Program Manager,
HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria & Other Infectious Diseases East, Central & Southern
Africa Health Community (ECSA HC) P.O. Box 1009 Arusha, Tanzania Tel:+255
27 254 9362/5/6 Mobile: +255-689-433436/+255-753-636117/+254-722
*Fax:+255 27 254 9392*

*Email: <

Nellie Tumu Replied at 9:01 PM, 15 Feb 2015

Dear Edward
This is a great information that really triggers my doubtfulness of
preventing and controlling airborne diseases as I am an infection control
coordinator in one of the busiest hospitals in Papua New Guinea. I am a
registered nurse by profession and I really interested in this course for
enhance my skills and knowledge in this area.

I look forward to join in your team for this year and hearing from you soon.

Nellie Tumu-Infection control coordinator
Port Moresby General Hospital-Papua New Guinea

edward chilolo Replied at 12:29 PM, 16 Feb 2015

Dear Edward,
Thanks for sharing this important course.
My name is Edward Chilolo. I am a Tanzanian employed by PharmAccess (NGO) working as a senior officer, TB/HIV project.
PharmAccess in Tanzania supports HIV/AIDS services, including TB/HIV in uniformed forces in Tanzania.
I would like to attend this course which will help to increase knowledge and skills for the fight against TB transmission in the community.
Kindly I need an instruction as to eligibility criteria for the training course.
I hope you will select me to attend this course.
Best regards,

Edward Nardell, MD Moderator Replied at 12:37 PM, 16 Feb 2015

I believe I included the link to the website and application process. This
is probably not the best place for individual expressions of interest in
the course.

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