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Infection Control at community level

By Rajbir Singh | 10 Mar, 2016

Dear All,

Do we have any guideline available on Infection Control measures in community settings in any country?

Best regards,

Rajbir Singh



Edward Nardell, MD Moderator Replied at 11:02 PM, 10 Mar 2016

In my view TB Infection Control at the community level is simply good TB
Control - active case finding, rapid diagnosis, and prompt effective
treatment. Changing behavior in communities, reducing crowding in a wide
range of public places and on transportation is difficult to envision much
less implement. TB IC in homes is even more challenging since transmission
is likely to occur in the period after patients become infectious and
before they are identified and treated. Increased ventilation can delay
transmission in my view, but perhaps not prevent it if exposure is for
weeks or months. There is little evidence to support any views on this

Robert Flick Replied at 2:24 AM, 11 Mar 2016

I couldn't agree more. I would only add contact tracing to what has already been mentioned, which is too often seen as somehow separate to active case finding. It should be emphasized that contact tracing is still relevant for child index cases. Also, I'd encourage combined HIV/TB contact tracing to get the most benefit from what can be a time-intensive intervention.

Francoise LOUIS Replied at 3:22 AM, 11 Mar 2016

Hi all,
I have a related question.
I am looking for a TB risk assessment tool for community work; we have staff who are regularly exposed to TB/DRTB in informal settlements (corrugated dwelling, one room, many people living in the room, sleeping in the same bed, Cape Town winds and polar air during winters, lack of confidentiality due to the contiguity of the households etc...).
We employ Community Health workers who support adherence to ART/ TB/ DRTB treatment with clients who might be defaulting hence quite sick and bedridden.
We have a comprehensive risk assessment tool for facilities, but it is quite difficult to find one for community settings.
Any one of you currently using any?
I would be really appreciate as we have to comply to the Occupational Health Act here in SA
Thanks a lot

Virginia Lipke RN, MHA, ACRN, CIC Replied at 7:30 AM, 11 Mar 2016

Val Robertson at Zipcop in Zimbabwe has one.

Gaƫl CLAQUIN Replied at 2:55 PM, 10 Apr 2016

Dear colleagues,

kindly find the link to some manuals, at least one addressing community setting


Vijaya Srinivasan Replied at 3:11 PM, 10 Apr 2016

Further to Dr.Robert Flick's comment, I would suggest that we adopt contact
tracing approach as is done in leprosy control programs in most of the
developing countries. We could look at target groups for HIV and adopt
screening programs for Tuberculosis.

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