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issues on defective biosafety cabinet

By Grace Egos, MSPH | 23 Sep, 2008

How can I be connected to Baker company? We have 2 type 2 Biosafety cabinets and both with reverse airflow. There is no service engineer trained to trouble shoot. I also remember hearing from the Baker group that they are supposed to be conducting a training in Asia. Does anybody know when and where this will be conducted?



Melvin First, ScD, CIH, PE Replied at 12:37 PM, 23 Sep 2008

You didn't identify the cabinets completely, but if they are class II, Type B2 I would venture a guess that the trouble is the roof fans are not running; this results in the cabinet fan having no place to discharge its air except through the work opening. The roof blowers may have lost the belts driving the fan or the belts have become too loose. If that is not the cause of roof fan failure it will be necessary to investigate the electrical connections. When Class II, Type A cabinets have been hard-ducted to a roof exhaust fan (although this arrangement is not authorized) the same difficulty may manifest itself by outflow from the work opening.

The Baker Co. of Sanford, Maine can be accessed on the web for information on the location of their representatives and their course schedule and locations.

I hope this information is helpful; if I can provide additional information please let me know.

Grace Egos, MSPH Replied at 11:09 PM, 23 Sep 2008

Dear Dr. First,

Thank you very much for the prompt reply. Just a few more information: These are Type2B2 cabinets and are 1 year old. We had it certified and found the flow to be reversed. I went again with an engineer where we tried adjusting as was demonstrated to me at the Maine. What is ironic is that the alarm stops every time a complete reverse flow is achieved meaning the air is going

I further inquired about the exhaust blower if whether this was supplied also by the Baker company and they informed me these blowers were procured separately.

I checked online the courses they are offering and is looking for one which they mentioned they will be conducting in Asia (Indonesia I guess?) but it is not mentioned there. Would appreciate if you could help us with more information and if they could at least accommodate 1 engineer in this course
because we could not use the cabinets at the moment and we could not proceed with the intended plan to operate as part the expansion plan for the MDR TB program in the southern region of the Philippines where we are supposed to do drug susceptibility testing.

Thank you very much for your kind accommodation to my queries.

Best regards,

Grace E. Egos, RMT, MSPH
Laboratory Manager
Tropical Disease Foundation,Inc.
Philippine International Center for Tuberculosis
Amorsolo cor. Urban Avenue
Legaspi Village, Makati City 1229

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