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New TB Publications

By Margaret Lamiell Aliber | 24 Sep, 2018

Dear GHD Online,

Six new technical publications from the Challenge TB Project are now available on the MSH website. They showcase regional efforts and country-specific work in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Ethiopia focused on TB.

- From Lessons to Action: Expanding TB Contact Investigation across Five Afghanistan Provinces
- Find Actively, Separate, Treat: The FAST Strategy for Tuberculosis Infection Control in Bangladesh
- GxAlert for Real-time Management and Strengthening of Remote GeneXpert Network in Bangladesh
- Online, Self-Administered Screening Tool for Improving TB Detection among University Students in Ethiopia
- Innovative one-stop shop approach for TB/HIV integration in Ethiopia
- Taking Supply Information Systems to the Next Level: Regional Collaboration in TB Medicines Supply Chain (ECSA region)

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NIRMAL GHIMIRE Replied at 9:49 PM, 5 Aug 2019

Can anyone please elaborate new TB with HIV guidelines?? Thanks in advance

Mutamuliza Janviere Replied at 11:46 PM, 5 Aug 2019

Dear Margaret

Thank you for sharing the information.


ABEBE MEGERSO ADLO Replied at 2:31 AM, 7 Aug 2019

Dear Margaret

Thank you for sharing the information.
* Abebe Megerso (BSc/PH, MPH/Epid)*
* Assistant Prof. of Epidemiology at AHMC*
*PhD** Candidate at Addis Ababa University*
* College of Health Sciences*
* School of Public Health*
* Mobile Phone: +251 911 04 45 25*
* Alternate email: <

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