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By Gaël CLAQUIN | 16 May, 2015

Useful feedback Gregory, in particular because it illustrates how programs
do implement guidelines, for the sake of healthcare workers' protection.
I hope we can read about NTP from less privileged countries, thinking
particularly of Africa where HIV prevalence in staff is often high, higher
than the general population sometimes.
Also, having the same experience with cup-shaped respirators, shouldn't NTP
in limited resources setting target ordering more the 'soft' models as
opposed to what I've seen so far, i.e. only 'rigid' cup-shaped ones ?
Your point of indeed doing individual fit-testing is well-taken but in
practice we are still very far from such good practices, as we all know,
and I'm trying to adopt a pragmatic approach for risk-minimization in
real-life conditions here.



Grigory Volchenkov, MD Moderator Replied at 4:46 AM, 17 May 2015

I agree Gael fit testing of every individual may be not feasible in some settings, but for bulk procuremnts NTPs or other supproting organizations could conduct "preliminary" testing of several respirator models/sizes on individuals with "typical" faces for the country/region.  
Would be intersting to hear from represenattives from Asian and other regions on fitting of various kinds of respirators.

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