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Short Course in Architectural and Engineering Approaches to Infection Control (LIMITED FREE SEATS AVAILABLE)

By Edward Nardell, MD Moderator | 27 Jun, 2018

Our colleagues in Pretoria, South Africa are again running a one-week course on building design and engineering to reduce TB transmission. Modeled after the Harvard course, which is not being offered this year, it is a great opportunity to attend an excellent course at no cost, save travel and housing.

Contact person: Mpolokeng Rammutloa <>

 We are running the Architectural and Engineering Approaches to Infection Control course and we have free seats to offer. Is it possible to disseminate the communication to the contacts that you think will be interested in course. I still have about 20 seats.

Good Day Prospective Delegate,
Please find below the invitation to the Short Course in Architectural and Engineering Approaches to Infection Control. If you will not be interested in attending, please can you forward to people that you think might be interested in attending.
I have attached the Course Brochure and Course Programme for more information.
Interested applicants are requested to submit the following documents to me as soon as possible, as limited seats are still available;
· A full CV
· Letter of motivation
· Letter of support from employer (optional, but recommended)
Kindly note that the closing date for applications is Friday, 29 June 2018.
Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further assistance.
Kind Regards,
Mpolokeng Rammutloa
Course Coordinator



Edward Nardell, MD Moderator Replied at 11:25 AM, 27 Jun 2018

I neglected the dates - please contact Ms Mpolokeng Rammutloa for details.



16 - 20 July 2018

Lal Mani ADHIKARI Replied at 12:42 PM, 27 Jun 2018

Dear Dr Nardell

I am interested as the infection control measures are highly recommended on congregate setting like Health facilities, BSL 3 laboratories and congregate setting like prison in current scenario in Nepal.

Thank you
Lal Mani

Edward Nardell, MD Moderator Replied at 4:46 PM, 27 Jun 2018

Please contact the organizer, not me.

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