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By Shom Dasgupta | 02 Sep, 2009

Dear all,
Thanks as always for the informative and practical discussions.

I am posting my question here because this is the only place that it might fit. We are discussing ways to integrate PFTs into our community health work, as many of our patients suffer from chronic respiratory problems. At the moment, our diagnoses and assessment of disease progression are based on clinical impression and non-gold standard criteria (eg, hyperinflation on CXR, history of inhalational smoke exposure). This makes management of individual cases as well as programming difficult. For example, to make a compelling case for stocking anticholinergic and steroid inhalers, and for getting home O2, we are missing the proof of PFTs.

Does anyone in the GHDonline community have experience with portable and relatively affordable spirometers? Your thoughts are much appreciated.

Shom Dasgupta


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