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Cerebral Malaria Questions

By Jacqueline Linnes | 08 Apr, 2015

Hi all,
I am a new Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Purdue University in Indiana, U.S.A. and currently teach an undergraduate biomedical design course with a focus on global health challenges. I have a group of 5 students who were quite taken with the recent New England Journal of Medicine article on cerebral malaria ("Brain Swelling and Death in Children with Cerebral Malaria" by Seydel et al. 2015; 372:1126-1137, DOI: 10.1056/NEJMoa1400116). The students are interested in the possibility of designing a device to reduce intracranial pressure to improve treatment outcomes.
Would anyone from the community be willing to speak/email with my students briefly to help them to understand the current state of treatment and the need (or possible lack-there-of) for such a devices? Any insight would be most helpful. They are eager to speak with clinicians and individuals who have experience with this disease.
Thank you all so much.



Terrie Taylor Replied at 9:03 AM, 9 Apr 2015

Greetings --- I'll be back in the States in a few weeks, Jacqueline, and
would be happy to talk with your class on Skype. By any chance, will you
be meeting on 22 April? That would be the best.....


Rakesh Biswas MD Replied at 11:43 AM, 9 Apr 2015

Thanks Jacqueline, I have experience in managing such patients and would be
happy to talk to your students on email ().




Elva Elizabeth Fernandez Replied at 3:10 PM, 9 Apr 2015

Thank you for your interest in this topic. I'm a physician at a mission hospital in West Africa, and we see cerebral malaria quite regularly at our hospital. I would be happy to talk with your students via email or skype. Our internet connection here does go out frequently, so if they don't hear back right away, it may be due to an Internet problem on my end.

Thank you again!

Jacqueline Linnes Replied at 11:30 AM, 19 Apr 2015

Thanks all so much for the advice! Rakesh, I've asked the students to contact you directly. Terrie and Elva, is there a good email to contact either of you at? My work email is .
Thanks again,

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