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Good News from Rwanda

By Pierre Bush, PhD Moderator | 23 Jan, 2017

The Rwandans are determined to put malaria under control. One of the striking measures taken is to set up a factory of LLINS, and undertaking a nationwide spraying, region by region (due to limited money, but they will end up covering the whole country).
Excellent work.

The New Times: "The Ministry of Health has been battling increasing malaria cases over the course of the last three years. To deal with it, new strategies have been laid and a combination of interventions already been rolled out to stamp out the killer disease once and for all.

The Head of the Malaria and other Parasitic Infections Unit at the Rwanda Biomedical Center, Dr Aimable Mbituyumuremyi, talked to Nasra Bishumba about the challenges they are facing and why eradicating malaria is an achievable dream."

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David Zinyengere Replied at 1:28 AM, 24 Jan 2017

This is very encouraging. With such concerted efforts, malaria can be eradicated.

Stephen Muleshe Replied at 2:52 AM, 24 Jan 2017

Very pleasant news. However, we should now start thinking of how to deal
with cross border Malaria issues since we have porous borders with enormous
movement of people from neighboring countries


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Manuel Lluberas Replied at 9:02 AM, 24 Jan 2017

Good initiative. I only hope that the strategies implemented covers all mosquitoes and not just malaria vectors. While some may argue that the funding is "specific," having other mosquitoes affecting people's sleep gives them the impression that the "vector" control interventions deployed are not working.

Public Health Entomologist
Puerto Rico

Maimunat Alex-Adeomi Moderator Replied at 10:39 AM, 24 Jan 2017

Good news from Rwanda. The land of of a thousand hills is definitely setting the pace for a lot of progress in the region.
I echo Stephen Muleshe's thoughts on preventing or managing cross-border transmission of disease, as this will hinder the efforts at widespread success.

Sungano Mharakurwa Moderator Replied at 11:11 AM, 24 Jan 2017

Thanks Dr. Pierre for sharing this inspiring article. One potential challenge to watch out for, as LLINs are massively rolled, is potential escalation of pyrethroid resistance that has been detected in the country (seehttps://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5134262/ and attached pdf). However, with the multiple approaches being employed and monitoring mechanisms in place, things are looking great!

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Alcade RUDAKEMWA Replied at 5:27 PM, 24 Jan 2017

This is promising. Keep on
Excellent job.

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Charles Llewellyn Replied at 6:34 PM, 24 Jan 2017

Congratulations to the Rwanda NMCP. However, I was disappointed to learn
recently that Rwanda is not employing Intermittent Preventive Therapy in
pregnancy (IPTp) using *sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine* (SP), with the argument
that there is resistance to SP. Rwanda has high rates of low birthweight,
neonatal mortality and maternal mortality, even with high rates of
antenatal care. As discussed elsewhere on this site, IPTp/SP is
recommended by WHO "in all areas with moderate to high *malaria*
transmission in Africa" and seems to be fairly effective in controlling
malaria in pregnancy even in areas of resistance to SP. SP is cheap, safe
and can be used to remind pregnant women to take other actions to avoid
malaria. In order to control and eventually eradicate malaria, all tools
must be used.

Pierre Bush, PhD Moderator Replied at 9:05 PM, 25 Jan 2017

Thank you all for your good insights. Your great ideas will probably benefit the Rwanda National Malaria Control Center.

Gonzo Manyasi Replied at 9:39 AM, 29 Jan 2017

Just keep going neighbour. Good work.

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