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In the news: Gambia Poised to Become 4th Country to Eliminate Malaria

By Pierre Bush, PhD Moderator | 16 Jul, 2017

Dear Colleagues,
Many malaria endemic countries have received aid from the USA and other donors in the fight against malaria. One country: the Gambia has used the aid very wisely. They are on the path to eliminate malaria very soon:

The minister of Health and Social Welfare Saffie Lowe Ceesay has stated that The Gambia is poised to become the fourth country to eliminate malaria within its boarder, adding that more resources and collaboration is required to reach these monumental achievements.

See the attached full story.

Highest Regards.

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Dinesh Koirala Replied at 9:15 AM, 20 Jul 2017

Hope one day nepal will be in this list..

Pierre Bush, PhD Moderator Replied at 12:26 PM, 24 Jul 2017

Yes, you can certainly do it. Policymakers will coupled with motivated public health authority & good management of resources.
Highest regards.

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