Invitation to submit ideas for a 10,000€ community action prize

By Helena Harnik | 25 Aug, 2016

Hi everyone, we have just launched a community action prize which is awarding 10,000€ to implement the best initiative or idea to combat dengue. I thought I would share it here as you might already have initiatives or ideas for malaria that could also be applied to dengue. To learn more and to enter you can go to Please let me know if you have any questions and we look forwards to seeing your submissions.

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Pierre Bush, PhD Moderator Replied at 11:45 AM, 25 Aug 2016

Hello Helena,
Thank you for the information.

Christophe BABUNGA M Replied at 3:19 AM, 26 Aug 2016

Thanks Helena for this news

Jacqueline MUKAKAMANZI Replied at 9:52 AM, 26 Aug 2016

Thanks a lot for sharing this

Gebreamlak Gidey Abebe Replied at 1:49 PM, 26 Aug 2016

Great thanks for sharing this valuable information.

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