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McGill Summer Institute in Infectious Diseases and Global Health

By Madhukar Pai | 18 Nov, 2016

From June 12 to 23, 2017, McGill University, Montreal, will offer 6 courses over a two week period. Courses in the Summer Institute feature internationally known faculty, and bring together a diverse group of participants. Last year, our Summer Institute 2016 hosted about 400 participants from 46 countries. The unique format attracts a diverse group of participants, from industry leaders to NGO’s, academics and researchers, and advocacy group members.

The next edition of the Summer Institute will offer 6 courses:

Global Health Diagnostics
Introduction to Genomic Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases
Bioinformatics for Neglected Parasitic Diseases
Tuberculosis Research Methods
Advanced TB Diagnostic Research
Qualitative Methods in Global Infectious Diseases Research

For additional details, please see: http://mcgill-idgh.ca/ and attached brochure.



Olatunji Sonoiki Replied at 6:03 AM, 18 Nov 2016

Thanks for sharing this useful piece.

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Catherine Igoh Replied at 4:21 AM, 20 Nov 2016

Thank you for the information.

Bright Msukwa Replied at 6:28 AM, 20 Nov 2016

Many Thanks

CHIAGOZIE ONWUKWE Replied at 7:11 AM, 20 Nov 2016

-------------------------------------------- great job! All the best!

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