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Paperfuge for malaria diagnosis

By Sungano Mharakurwa Moderator | 29 Jun, 2017

I thought to share the attached article, where Bhamla et al demonstrate use of the simplest, cheapest (paper-based) centrifuge in malaria diagnosis and several other applications.



Dinesh Koirala Replied at 12:15 PM, 29 Jun 2017

Thanks for the information..

Julia Cabiness Shivers Replied at 3:09 PM, 30 Jun 2017

To the HIFA Group,

I am writing to introduce our early stage nonprofit, OncArt, Inc. With
artist Chiara Eisner, I co-founded and direct OncArt, a 501c3
not-for-profit organization based in Boston, Massachusetts, that connects
clinicians with artists to create illustrated health education materials
worldwide. Customized for cultural context with local translations, OncArt
materials are designed especially for people in low-resource regions where
advanced rates of disease are high, literacy levels are low, and clinicians
do not speak the same language as their patients.

This week on June 26th, we formally launched oncart.org, the trademarked
responsive web application that implements OncArt’s concept. Built by SMPC
<https://smpc.tv/>, the site is binary: it offers a collaborative design
tool and a library of works searchable by user-generated hashtags. OncArt
invites clinicians to *Request Art* for their health messages, and artists
to upload media for these *Requests*. Clinicians and artists’ co-designed
works are saved in the *Library*, to be deployed to patients by sharing
electronically or printing. The website of the National Cancer Institute
<https://www.cancer.gov/> is OncArt’s source for supplementing and
fact-checking all cancer-related content.

We hope that you will go to oncart.org to browse the *Library* and try the
collaborative design tool. If you have an urgent new health message that
you would like to see illustrated, please click *Request Art *(top right
corner of *Home* page) to write and save a message to the *Requests* archive,
or email me directly with your health message. For example, patient
education content for home management of children with diarrhoea
(prevention, symptoms, home treatments) could be illustrated by our artists
for deployment to our partner sites and others via online sharing.

Please contact me with any questions. I hope to hear from you and look
forward to collaborating with you to advance health literacy.

Thanks and best regards,
Julia Shivers

Sandeep Saluja Replied at 11:37 PM, 30 Jun 2017


Not just for lay people,it may be a good idea to also develop animations etc for physician education

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