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Social Determinants of Health and Malaria transmission

By Maimunat Alex-Adeomi Moderator | 18 Oct, 2016

Dear colleagues,

Please see attached link on an article in the New York times titled "Hard Times in Venezuela Breed Malaria as Desperate Flock to Mines". This is a sharp contrast to the Sri-Lankan example shared some weeks ago on how the WHO declared Sri-Lanka Malaria free.

One of the comments on the article which I really found interesting was by by Elizabeth Ivanovich from DC. It reads "Despite being a forerunner in the fight against malaria, Venezuela has joined the dozens of countries over the past century that have seen a rebound in malaria cases after taking a foot off the gas pedal of their malaria control efforts. While malaria is now becoming a public health emergency in Venezuela, it is important to recognize that this did not happen overnight and it is not solely a product of illegal gold mining. While every other country in South America has markedly reduced malaria cases and deaths over the past fifteen years, Venezuela saw a steady increase even before the current crisis. Now Venezuela has the most malaria cases per year of any country in the Western Hemisphere, taking over from Brazil -- a country with a population six times as large"

This further reiterates the need for multi-pronged approach and involvement of various sectors in Malaria and other disease control in general. We have to always find ways to address the Social Determinants of Health.

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Pierre Bush, PhD Moderator Replied at 9:18 PM, 23 Oct 2016

Hello Maimunat,
Thank you for sharing the news about the case of Venezuela and malaria incidence resurgence. It is very sad. According to the World Health organization, Venezuela was the only country in the World in which there was an increase in malaria incidence between 2000-2015 (http://apps.who.int/iris/bitstream/10665/200018/1/9789241565158_eng.pdf)
I hope that with a new leader, they will reverse the trend like they did 55 years ago.

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Sungano Mharakurwa Moderator Replied at 1:44 PM, 24 Oct 2016

Thanks Maimunat for sharing this important article. It is a stark reminder how malaria is such a resilient scourge that will resurge at the first opportunity should any lull arise.

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