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UCSF HEAL Initiative Global Health Fellowship Opportunity

By Joseph Scarpelli | 31 Jul, 2018

The UCSF HEAL Initiative is actively recruiting our 5th class of global health fellows and we’d like to ask your help in spreading the word. We’re eager to recruit individuals who are passionate about global health equity and service to the underserved to join our community of 100+ fellows across 17 partner sites in 8 countries and the Navajo Nation. Current openings can be found here:https://healinitiative.org/join-us/apply-to-be-a-fellow/

We are currently recruiting US-trained physicians from a variety of specialties (Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Med-Peds, Pediatrics, OBGYN, Psychiatry, Surgery, Anesthesiology, and CRNA). During the two-year fellowship, HEAL fellows are immersed at partner organizations aiding the underserved, splitting their time between a US and an international site. Half of the HEAL fellows are US physicians and the other half are HEAL fellows from our partner sites. This allows for a diverse and interprofessional training community. Fellows participate in intensive in-person training, mentorship, online graduate-level training, ongoing curriculum, and join a community of passionate health professionals from around the world. Applicants must have completed a US-based residency program by the start of the fellowship in July 2019. Learn more here: https://healinitiative.org/

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Naphtal Nyirimanzi Replied at 1:04 PM, 31 Jul 2018

Thank you for the opportunity.
The global health is a good field which helps to improve the
well-being of the community, working to ensure social justice and
health equity.
Hope that the next time, there will not be limitations (citizenship)
to be eligible to that interesting opportunity.

Thank you very much.

SENI JAMES BARKA Replied at 6:24 AM, 3 Aug 2018

I suggest that UCSF HEAL should have involved the African physician's and
other public health parasitologist for a holistic approach on malaria cases
which is an issue in the continent.

Susan Mutambu Replied at 9:04 AM, 3 Aug 2018

I totally agree with Seni. It is vital to include Africans.

*Dr Susan L Mutambu* - *PhD Biomed Sci (Trop Med) (Uni Hawaii), MSc Med
Parasit (LSHTM), BSc Microbiol (Uni London)*
National Institute of Health Research
Josiah Tongogara Avenue/Mazowe Street
PO Box CY 573

Joseph Scarpelli Replied at 12:04 PM, 3 Aug 2018

Susan and Seni - thank you for your input. HEAL works in 17 partner sites across 9 countries, including 4 countries in Africa. We do indeed recruit African physicians and other health workers who are already working at our partner sites to join our fellowship each year. We've found that this makes for an interprofessional and diverse community of fellows.

Ahishakiye Alain Replied at 1:06 PM, 3 Aug 2018

Thank you Joseph. I'm also agree with Susan and Seni.

SENI JAMES BARKA Replied at 3:13 PM, 3 Aug 2018

Thanks for looking at my opinion, I still feel that issues that has to do
with malaria treatment,control and prevention needs a multidisciplinary
,multidimensional, Community approach, Environmental, parasitological
public health approach, and Entomological approach before a remarkable
success could be achieved.

Dinesh Koirala Replied at 11:07 AM, 9 Aug 2018

Thank you for the information

Stephen Muleshe Replied at 3:40 AM, 10 Aug 2018

Dear Joseph
Thank you for sharing the information. How about African trained Physicians?


Dr. Stephen K. Muleshe
Head, TB Care & Treatment
National TB, Leprosy and Lung Disease Program
Department of Preventive and Promotive Health
Ministry of Health | Afya Annex | KNH grounds
P.O. Box 20781-00202, Nairobi
Website: www.nltp.co.ke | Facebook: NTLDKenya | Twitter: @NTLDKenya

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