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GlobalSurg-2: Invitation to take part in an international surgical outcomes project!

By James Glasbey | 24 Dec, 2015

GlobalSurg is an international network of surgical researchers, including YOU!

We examine the global epidemiology and outcomes of surgical, non-communicable disease, using accessible, simple to complete, time-limited study protocols.

All collaborators welcome! Surgeons, surgical trainees, medical students, nurses, nursing students, midwives...please do get in touch!

**About GlobalSurg**

Our projects aim to give grass-root surgeons the opportunity to participate in high-impact collaborative outcomes studies, without the need for extra resources or funding. Our protocols are designed to ensure they are easy for local surgeons to execute. Every collaborator will be a Pubmed citable co-author on the final paper; we will aim for high impact factor surgical journals.

Our first project, GlobalSurg-1, included outcomes data on over 10,000 emergency intraperitoneal operations from 58 countries. Over 1500 researchers participated, gaining citable co-authorship.

Our 2nd international project…

"GlobalSurg-2: Determining the worldwide epidemiology of surgical site infections after abdominal surgery"

…will be running from January - July 2016! We invite you and your colleagues to participate at your local hospital. Our growing research network now includes over 3000 clinicians in more than 75 countries!

**Why get involved in GlobalSurg-2?**

- Monitor and improve outcomes for your surgical patients, guided by a simple study protocol. Available in a number of languages!
- Be part of a dynamic, worldwide network of surgeons, surgical trainees, and medical students
- Contribute to a large, international data set with potential for global improvement in the delivery of care
- Gain citable co-authorship in high-impact surgical journals
- Demonstrate research and leadership skills for future job applications
- Represent your country, region, or hospital in a 'local lead' role
- Complete free, certified e-Learning modules
- Be involved in the future design of Global randomised studies!

**Want to learn more?**

Visit our website:
View our YouTube video:
View our study protocol:
Register to participate:

We look forward to collaborating with you on this exciting international project!

GlobalSurg Steering Group

Twitter: @GlobalSurg

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HARRISON HAGAN Replied at 3:38 PM, 26 Dec 2015

Hi James
I am an anaesthetist at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, Kumasi- Ghana (the second largest hospital in Ghana). Am interested in the project (worldwide epidemiology on SSI...) and will love to be part of it.
Thank you

Philip Castle Replied at 4:06 PM, 26 Dec 2015

I am not involved in that. Not sure how you got my name. My area is cancer screening, specifically cervical cancer screening.

David Cawthorpe Replied at 6:17 PM, 26 Dec 2015

Rank ordered 16 year prevalence in a .75M population
Summary of main ICD main classes of disease

James Glasbey Replied at 2:03 AM, 30 Dec 2015

Hi Harrison,

Your support would be very welcome! May I kindly ask you for an email address so we can discuss further?
We currently have two country leads who are overseeing the project in Ghana

Stephen Tabiri
James Ankomah

May I suggest you get in touch with them, and include me in the email thread () and we can get you set up?

Phillip or David, if either of you would be interested in GlobalSurg-2 please do feel free to contact me

All the best and a Happy New Year,

This Community is Archived.

This community is no longer active as of December 2018. Thanks to those who posted here and made this information available to others visiting the site.