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NCD initiative from Primary Care International

By Debbie Thompson | 23 Sep, 2015

Dear colleagues,
Are you working to put in place better NCD care? Or have a practical idea for how to improve NCD care in your context? We’d like to hear from you as we launch a new initiative, the Healthcare Innovation Programme.

This initiative is a partnership between Oxford-based Primary Care International, a leading medical educator and BSE-listed, African financial services Group, Letshego Holdings Limited. We would particularly be interested to research ongoing projects and practical ideas in the Letshego footprint countries where the initiative will focus. These countries are Botswana, Kenya, Lesotho, Mozambique, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Namibia.

The Healthcare Innovation Programme
The Healthcare Innovation Programme is seeking to identify, highlight and support high-impact NCD initiatives within primary care. We know it can be challenging to bridge the gap between NCD strategy and real change. So we are researching practical innovations, in order to exchange ideas, showcase the best innovations, and in some cases offer direct support to help healthcare providers contain costs, increase quality and build capability.

Our focus is on the following areas:
• Strategic reviews, helping to identify priorities for healthcare systems in tackling NCDs
• Pragmatic evidence-based guidance that helps clinicians apply national clinical guidelines
• Training programmes and ongoing, long-term skills development for healthcare teams

A particular interest is new business models for healthcare and healthcare initiatives that are embedded in wider economic and community development programmes.

About us
Primary Care International finds sustainable solutions for delivering quality and cost-effective community-based healthcare, particularly in low- and middle-income settings. Our social enterprise was launched in 2014 by Red Whale | GP Update, one of the UK’s leading providers of primary care medical education. We are helping to combat the increasing burden of NCDs by delivering training and strategic support for healthcare staff worldwide.

We look forward to hearing from you, as we seek to identify projects with high potential for sustainable impact, either through this discussion thread or directly to .

Debbie Thompson

International Programme Manager
Primary Care International – strengthening community-based healthcare worldwide



Mbiydzenyuy Ferdinant Sonyuy Replied at 12:31 PM, 23 Sep 2015

Dear Thompson. Your interest perfectly fits the model of health care and NCD services we are offering in the CBC Health Services here in Cameroon. Unfortunately, Cameroon is not listed as one of your priority countries for action. You may want to check out more about our services, particularly the LAP services at Welcome

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Hoping to hear from you if your program considers us viable for partnership. more conversations can follow with me at
Mbiydzenyuy Ferdinant Sonyuy
Administrative Assistant,
DHS Office,Nkwen,Bamenda
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Amanda Pomeroy Replied at 1:52 PM, 24 Sep 2015

I wanted to post for a colleague, Nino Berdzuli, here at JSI : It would be great to do a demonstration project/s in two or three countries to improve prevention and treatment of priority clinical conditions at PHC level (compliance with CVD risk factors screening and modification, multi drug/ bundle therapy for patients with established risk of CVD event, asthma management at PHC level, etc) using combination of QI methods - collaborative improvement, process design and improvement, audit and feedback, regulatory and policy instruments. We used collaborative improvement model in Georgia with great success in improving standards compliance.

Research and Evaluation Advisor
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skype: amanda.pomeroy3

Debbie Thompson Replied at 6:50 AM, 30 Sep 2015

Thank you for your replies through the email as well as through this forum. We have made a note of the responses and projects/ ideas you have suggested and your contact details including those which are currently in countries outside PCI’s – Letshego partnership initial focus. I am replying to each of you individually and hope to keep in touch as this programme develops.

Debbie Thompson Replied at 6:58 AM, 30 Sep 2015

Thank you for posting for your colleague Nino Berdzuli. I would be interested to hear a bit more about your work and the countries / JSI programmes where you had in mind the idea of setting up these demonstration projects.

This Community is Archived.

This community is no longer active as of December 2018. Thanks to those who posted here and made this information available to others visiting the site.