3 more videos complete GHMP's normal childbirth series

By deborah van dyke | 25 Mar, 2015

Dear all,

Today we released the last 3 videos in our Childbirth Series, covering the birth and early postpartum period.

"Birthing the Baby" shows how to assist a mother to safely birth her baby and minimize tearing of the vagina. "Managing the Third Stage of Labor" features the use of uterotonics to prevent postpartum hemorrhage and shows how to deliver the placenta. "The Birth: Labor, Delivery, and Early Postpartum" shows best practices for the full birth sequence, starting with labor through to immediate postpartum.

These 3 videos complete our series of 12 videos on normal childbirth. The series can help health workers improve the quality of care during childbirth and help protect the lives of birthing women. We feature a midwifery approach to care with a birth attendant working solo, the norm in small facilities in much of the developing world. The videos are available in English, French, and Spanish and can be downloaded free-of-charge for use in low-resource settings: http://globalhealthmedia.org/videos/

Looking ahead, we have a breastfeeding series in the pipeline, for both health workers and mothers. We are now in the planning stages of our next project, a series of teaching videos on care of preterm babies in low resource settings. We will be working closely with the American Academy of Pediatrics and other experts to produce these videos that will complement their new curriculum, Essential Care for Small Babies.

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Susan Wood, PNP-BC, MPH, IBCLC Replied at 6:07 PM, 25 Mar 2015

These are fantastic - beautifully done! I have sent the link to folks on the ground who would benefit from using these as teaching tools. I so look forward to your next ones.

deborah van dyke Replied at 1:50 PM, 26 Mar 2015

Thanks for your kind words Susie -- and for passing the link on to your colleagues.

Deborah Goldman Replied at 3:35 PM, 26 Mar 2015

Hi Deborah,

I am teaching Midwifery in Mwanza Tanzania with GHSP and have been using the previous videos for several of my classes. They are fantastic. . For one class, when I had to take a short leave, I gave the 45 students a self guided assignment whereby they broke into 6 groups and each group took 1 video, showed it to the class and led a discussion answering several questions I had posed for each video. They wrote up the answers they discussed and sent them to me by email. I was not sure how it would go, but It was an extremely successful assignment and they learned so much and enjoyed it too. I look forward to viewing and sharing the newest ones.

I hope you are well and our paths will cross again.

Deborah Goldman CNM, ARNP, MPH

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deborah van dyke Replied at 3:46 PM, 26 Mar 2015

Wonderful feedback Deborah. Thanks for sharing. This is what we like to call a "story from the field" -- how the videos are used by trainers and students all over the world.

much appreciated.

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