adequacy of vital signs measuring equipment

By chikondi chimbatata | 17 Oct, 2018

hello team
Just want to hear from you on the issue of adequate vital signs measuring equipment in a ward. Does anyone know the recommended ratio of vital signs measuring equipment (such as thermometers, patiet monitors, Bp machine, pulse oximeter etc) per patient volume in a genearl ward (not ICU/HDU). what is the defition of adequate vital signs equipment? include reference if possible please. Your ussual support is highly appreciated

chikondi (Malawi)



Elizabeth Glaser Moderator Emeritus Replied at 9:56 AM, 26 Oct 2018

Hi chikondi ,

This is an good question, but in a brief search I couldnt find the answer.
Some considerations, though, might be :
1, Number of patients on the ward
2.Level of acuity ( regular ward vs HDU)
3. Recommended frequency of vital sign measurement
4. Number of staff that would be using the equipment
5. Time to clean or wipe down equipment between uses

Anyone else have ideas?


Kaboni Whitney Gondwe Replied at 8:53 PM, 4 Nov 2018

I also can't find the minimum number equipment for monitoring vital signs.
However, if I was to analyze I would think of it in ratio of patient to nurses on the unit (general wards versus critical care units)
I would expect each nurse on the critical care unit should have equipment to use without having to wait for another to use then give it to her
And then an extra in the emergency trolley. However, with the high number of patients on Malawi wards where you are, it would also depends on the amount of patients you have in that particular unit.

These are just my thoughts, but I cannot find an actual evidence based literature to support this

Katherine Semrau Replied at 7:58 AM, 5 Nov 2018

Morning all,

This may be tangentially related, but the CRADLE trial ( worked on developing a robust blood pressure cuff and testing it for reliability and validity. I hear Prof. Andrew Sheenan speak at a conference last year. I wonder if they have data on how many measurements each machine can take and how many pieces of equipment were needed for their work.

Hope that is helpful!

chikondi chimbatata Replied at 5:25 AM, 6 Nov 2018

Thank you so much Elizabeth, Kaboni and Kathy for your input. You have
given me a direction. thanks.

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