CROI 2011: Nurses Can Manage HIV Therapy

By Sarah Arnquist | 08 Mar, 2011

Among the many exciting studies and developments reported at CROI 2011 was this South African study that found HIV-infected patients on a stable antiretroviral treated at a nurse-run local clinic experienced similar outcomes to those at a physician-referral clinic. The per-person cost savings would be amplified if applied to all HIV-infected patients in South Africa.

From MedPage Today report: "Among patients who were on a stable antiretroviral regimen, 98% of those assigned to a nurse-managed pilot program at a so-called "down-referral clinic" were still in treatment and responding a year later ... In contrast, just 93% of the patients who remained in care at the central clinic where treatment was initiated stayed in treatment."

Read the full report here:

On a similar note, GHDonline is planning a virtual expert panel on exchanging global nursing lessons in improving adherence with challenging patients in April. If you work in this area and might be interested in participating as a panelist or can recommend someone else, especially those working in developing countries, please email me at


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