Digital Storytelling for Global Health & Rights: The StoryCenter

By Maggie Sullivan Moderator | 14 Aug, 2018

Skillful storytelling is key to education, counseling and messaging. The StoryCenter offers freely accessible webinars about how to tell your public health / global health story. This is a great opportunity for nurses, midwives and allies. Please find the registration link attached.

From their website:
Storytelling can be a valuable tool for public health researchers and practitioners. Our story facilitation methods support local community members in sharing first-person narratives and turning them into videos that can be used for training, community mobilization, advocacy, and more. These free, one-hour webinars offer participants a broad introduction to our work in public health, and an understanding of how our public health partnerships work.

These webinars include:

Session 1 - The Role of Digital Storytelling in Public Health (September 12th)
Session 2 - Strategic Distribution of Public Health Stories
Session 3 - Digital Storytelling for Global Health and Rights (November 14th)

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