E-learning Advisor for Rwanda

By Anne Sliney | 25 Jun, 2013

The Rwanda Human Resources for Health Program is seeking a nurse educator to advise the Ministry of Health's E-learning program. Work with faculty to develop e-learning modules, strategies for interacting with students, and evaluation methods. Position is available immediately and is for a minimum of 1 year. Multi-year commitment is welcome. Must be employable in the United States. Please go to www.hrhconsortium.moh.gov.rw for more information and to apply.



Dr Shanta Ghatak Replied at 1:07 AM, 25 Jun 2013

I am willing to be a part of this e-learning tools and techniques. Both Technical and Advocacy , Communications and Social Mobilisation and other skills I can provide my insights and inputs on a regular basis for the target audience .Thanks

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