Facilitating Collaboration, Improving Care: Anesthesia's Role in Safe Obstetrics,

By Alexandra Schyns-van den Berg | 07 Mar, 2018

Amsterdam, May 2-4 2018 at the International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare
Dutch Obstetric Anesthesia celebrates its 25th anniversary with a Congress on the role of anesthesia in safe childbirth, not only aimed at the Netherlands where anesthesia services are available but collaboration minimal, but also its provision in low resource areas and strategies to improve availability.
In our culturally diverse world, implementation of the shared values of quality and safety in maternal healthcare encounters multiple barriers. Limited availability or access to anaesthesia services is one such barrier and forms the topic of this day.
In resource-limited areas, uneven distributions of anaesthesia services, education and information often result in elevated maternal/neonatal morbidity and mortality. Despite 25 years of our national Obstetric Anaesthesia organization, we have not yet achieved full active collaboration in the Dutch labour ward, even though in almost 50% of deliveries, anaesthetists are asked to provide epidural analgesia or anaesthesia for caesarean section. Countries with better-established obstetric anaesthesia services in labour wards have demonstrated that a more active collaboration in clinical obstetrics optimises peripartum anaesthesia and analgesia. Furthermore, obstetric anaesthetia adds quality and safety during labour when co-morbidity or acute deterioration complicate the care of the parturient.The program focuses on the varying aspects of obstetric anaesthesia provision in different parts of our world and will explore the challenges and potential solutions for safety and quality improvement in obstetric care in general and obstetric anaesthesia in particular. We hope to bring together all stakeholders involved and aim to reach out to patients, management, medical finance and governance institutions.
The Congress will provide opportunities to discuss, exchange ideas and learn from the different experiences of attendees originating from different parts of the globe. The results of this day will provide participants with extensive knowledge of the role of anaesthesia in safe obstetrics and hopefully contribute to improving obstetric anaesthesia services at institutional, national and international levels.
Join us and spread the message. Register through the link provided in the brochure below: we may offer our guests a 20% reduction in the entrance fee of the whole Forum.
See you in Amsterdam!

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